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had fifteen children, the first four born in Ontario, the other eleven born in Manitoba.

Wilbert Alexander, born December 12, 1884. He married Meriam Wilson in April, 1907 and they had eleven children; Gilbert, Tressa, Gertie, Margaret, Verna, Florence, Ray, Ross, Leslie, Arthur and Leona. Wilbert has since passed away and Meriam in December, 1971.

Isabella Jane, born in the 1880's married Thomas Carter March 16, 1904 and they had eight children; William, Bertha, Eva, Dorothy, Sydney and Irene. Frank and Edna died in infancy. Thomas passed away October 11, 1946 and Isabella on March 7, 1965.

Margaret May, born May 24, 1888, married William Warden, deceased. She later married John Bismark Wilson, and they are both deceased. Margaret, Sep­ tember 28, 1957.

Mary Florence, married Charles Wilson.

Richard Wesley, born June 5, 1892, married Clara Dagg on May 24, 1916. Richard passed away June 28, 1928. They had two children; Harvey and Hilda.

Burnette Elizabeth, born March 5, 1894, married Joseph Robinson. (refer to Robinson, Joseph and Burnette).

Melville Andrew, born February 8, 1896. He married Lena Cook and she passed away in 1929. Melville married Kathleen Collum, and they had two children; Mervin and Raymond.

William Malcolm, born March 17, 1898. (refer to Hutton, William and Eva).

Elsie Irene, born in 1900, married Joseph Little in 1920. They had seven children; Audrey, Jack, Marion, Gerald Garth, Margaret and Dwayne. Joseph deceased 1967 and Elsie in 1974.

Maud Rebecca, born March 28, 1902, married Francis Arthur Pedersen. (refer to Pedersen, Marinus and Bertha).

Samuel, born December 14, 1904, married Clara Hutton, nee Dagg, widow of Richard Hutton. They had three children; Edith, Bernice, Margaret Clara ­ deceased, and Sam resided at Bethany.

Adeline Gertrude, born September 30, 1906, married Albert William Wark on September 30, 1931. Their six children are; Albin, Donna, Arden, Keith, Ena - deceased and Jeanett - deceased. Albert passed away October 29, 1981 and Adeline resides at Neepawa, Manitoba.

Albert Allan, born October 25, 1907, married Marion Ethel Madill. They had two children; Malcolm and Robert, both died in infancy. Albert and Marion reside in Minnedosa.

Mabel Winters, born July 29, 1909, married Hubert Boyd on March 31, 1932. They had two children; Calvin and Mary Ann. Hubert passed away August 29, 1979 and Mabel resides in Minnedosa.

Porter Charles, died in infancy.

It is my privilege to profit by the experience of others, but I must live my own life, face the trials, and gain the victory alone.


by Bertha Syslak

William Malcolm "Bang" was the eighth child of a family of fifteen children born to William Ghaits and Margaret Hutton nee Porter, daughter of Andrew and Isabella Porter. William Malcolm was born March 17, 1898, on the homestead in the Bethany area. On June 8, 1919, William married Jessie Evaline "Eva" Pedersen. She was the eldest child of Myers Nickala and Bertha Pedersen nee Hays of Clanwilliam. In 1934, William and Eva moved to W 1/2 5-18-17W in the Scandinavia district of the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. The family farmed there until 1956. Due to William's ill health, they moved to Rivers, Manitoba.

William passed away March 7, 1959, at Rivers, and was buried from the United Church with buriel at the Clanwilliam cemetery. Eva was a resident of the personal Care Home, Minnedosa. She passed away August 25, 1976, and was buried from the United church with burial at the Clanwilliam cemetery. William and Eva's thirteen children and grandchildren are:

Vera Evelyn, born May 18, 1920, at Clanwilliam on September 30, 1938. Vera married Richard John Ken­ nedy (refer to Kennedy, Dave and Bernice).

Harold "Hut" Malcolm born November 22, 1921, on July 14, 1942, he married Eva Madeline Birch of the Spring Hill district. She was born July 18, 1922. Harold passed away October 4, 1976, at Winnipegosis and was laid to rest in the Neepawa cemetery. Eva resides at Riding Mountain, Manitoba. Harold and Eva's three children are Kenneth Malcolm Thomas born August 4, 1943, married Susan Marie Federowich on August 6, 1971. Their two children, Christopher Malcolm born November 21, 1971, Perry John born October 10, 1973, Floyd William born July 23, 1949, Myles Allen born January 2, 1963.

Kenneth Porter born May 19, 1923, in Clan william on July 14, 1945. In Kilmarnock, Scotland, while serving in World War II, Kenneth married Jean Campbell Ross, born April 11, 1927. They had four children; Kenneth Ross born in Kilmarnock, on August 3, 1946, married Barbara Luchuk born April 30, 1946, at Rivers. Their two children Robyn Leif born July 30, 1976, Rilla Lynette born September 28, 1979. Bryan Gene born September 7, 1947, at Kelowna, B.C. He married Judith Chartier of Rivers, born September 19, 1950. Their two child en are; Tristan Paul born February 26, 1966, Shana Lise born August 14, 1975. Shoana Coleene Evelyn born November 14, 1948, married Philican Lavalle of Rivers, Manitoba. Phil was born June 9, 1940, and served in the Armed Forces in Germany after their marriage. A daughter Wanda Jean was born March 5, 1970. Phil and Shoana divorced in 1974. On May 17, 1975, Shoana married Timothy Farrell, born August 18, 1953. They have a son, Tyler Kenneth Milton third child born May 14, 1976. Bonnie "Kim" born June 8, 1955, married Ormand Corbet on August 4, 1973. He was born July 18, 1945. Kim and Ormand divorced in 1975. On January 16, 1982, Kim married Richard Smith of Ottawa born April 7, 1952.

Bertha Margaret born October 2,1924, at Clanwilliam.