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William Malcolm Hutton Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Vera, Harold, Kenneth, Bertha, Nita. Middle Row: Roy, Max, Waiter, Ron. Front Row: Earl and Albert.

She married Carl Syslak (refer to Syslak, Carl and Bertha).

Juanita "Nita" born October 8, 1925, in Clanwilliam on July 14, 1949. Nita married Anden Keith Ward of Bethany, Manitoba, born October 4, 1926. Anden and Nita reside in Minnedosa. Their only child Cherokee Lynn born October 28, 1951. On July 14, 1972, Cherokee married John Benedict Mendrikis. Their two children are; Daniel Andrew born April 15, 1974, and Callie Lee born April 16, 1976.

Roy Calvin born May 19, 1927. On October 26, 1951, Roy married Veronica Joshephine Rutka of Pine River, born October 21, 1933. They presently reside in Ab­ botsford, B.C. Their daughter Rachelle Evelyn was born July 15, 1955.

Stewart Carl born November 4, 1928, in Clanwilliam.

Stewart passed away December 19, 1928, and was laid to rest in the Clan william cemetery.

Donald Bismark born November 19, 1929, at Clan­ william. He passed away December 19, 1929, and was laid to rest beside his brother Stewart in the Clan william cemetery.

Maxwell Marius born January 20, 1932, at Westhope, Manitoba. On June 15, 1953, Max married Martha May Rombough of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, born December 10, 1936. Their two children; Brenda Lee born March 6, 1958. On May 21, 1977, Brenda married Michael Martel of Sault Ste Marie, born February 27, 1956. Christopher Mark, born April 18, 1962. Max and Martha reside in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Walter Keith born February 14, 1934, at Bethany. On January 16, 1954, Walter married Frances Rose Ann Tilling of Minnedosa, born November 4, 1934. They reside at Binscarth, Manitoba. Walter and Frances had five children; Beverly Ann Frances born December 9, 1954. On September 30, 1954, Beverly married David Wm. Anderson, born December 5, 1954. They have two


children; Cory James David born April 5, 1976, Colin Michael, born June 28, 1982. Douglas Walter, born May 13, 1957. Nancy Arlene born October 4, 1958. On August 7, 1982, Nancy married David Armstrong of England, born October 8, 1952. David Bruce born May 2, 1961, Sean Edward born April 8, 1968.

Ronald Weldon born February 27, 1935, at Scan­ dinavia. On January 27, 1962, Ron married Myrna Joan McTavish at Cochenour, Ontario, born April 28, 1938. Their three children are: Tammy Lynn born August 21, 1961, Timothy George born August 25, 1964, Thomas Bang born November 25, 1966. The family reside at Cochenour, Ontario.

William "Earl" born September 23, 1938. Earl married Eleanor Jean Kirbyson of Fleming, Saskat­ chewan; born July 28, 1932. They have an adopted daughter Debbie Lee born February 1, 1961, at St. John, New Brunswick. The family reside at Hanna, Alberta.

Albert Bryan born October 9, 1940, at Scandinavia.

Albert married Joan Ester Leech of Rivers, Manitoba, born October 7, 1942. Their three children are; Wesley Craig born March 10, 1962, William Kevin born March 24, 1966, Darren Ross born May 7, 1971. The family reside at Edmonton, Alberta.


by Marge Gregorash

Mike was born October 27. 1903, on his father's farm in the Mountain Road area. He was the 2nd son of Wasyl and Mary Iwasiuk who immigrated to the Mountain Road district and homesteaded on S.W. 18-17-16W, then they moved to Clanwilliam on S.W. 1-16-18W where they purchased the farm through a mortgage company which was then owned by George Frazer. The barn was a landmark to many in the area.

Mike married Mary Paraschuk of Sandy Lake, born June 1, 1908, daughter of Sam and Dora Paraschuk on August 28, 1929. They were married in St. Mary's Church at Mountain Road by the Late Father Rue. Mike, his father and brothers also helped build the church.

After their marriage, they moved to Detroit where Mike worked for Westinghouse, where their first son Peter was born. After returning to Manitoba, they lived together with his parents on 1-16-18W where five of their children were born, Irene, Walter, William, Helen and Margaret. They were attended by Mike and a midwife in the area.

In the year 1943, they purchased the farm 1O-16-18W from John Cook, who had moved to Eden. Their seventh child, a son Frankie was born on this farm. Like a lot of second generations to this country, they went through many hardships, but looking back, the good outweigh the bad, and that is what is thought of today.

They retired to Minnedosa in the year 1967, sold their farm to Roger Crawley, and purchased the Dent house on 2nd Avenue S.W. Many good years were spent after retirement, Mike liking his pool and Mary an ardent bingo fan. On August 19, 1979, they celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with all their children home, and most of their grandchildren. They have slowed down the