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by Doris Cartwright

Andrew was born April 9, 1874, at Ramsele, Anger­ manland, Sweden. He emigrated to Canada as a young lad in the year 1890.

Andrew married Annie Anderson in 1900. Her parents homesteaded S.E. 6-18-17W where Andrew and Annie lived for a short time. They had two boys; Ernest and Axel. Andrew applied for a homestead on S.E. 28-17- 18W on April 24, 1901, and by October 26, 1906, had received it.

Andrew was a trustee for the Erickson school board in 1906. Hardship struck on March 1, 1905. Annie passed away, leaving Andrew with two little boys to care for. Over the years, many families helped care for them. Using horses and sleigh, Andrew hauled logs across the frozen Otter Lake from his father-in-law's farm to build a log home.

During the winter months, he cut cord wood, hauled it to Minnedosa, receiving $2.50 a cord. This money would help purchase groceries and other needs until the grain was harvested. Some of the grain was hauled to the Mill at Minnedosa for which he received flour.

Andrew's close neighbours were M. Millers, Anders Karlsons, Simon Knudsons. Like a lot of farmers of the time, he had a blacksmith shop for making tools, repairing equipment, also shoeing horses. Andrew owned a plainer, which made rough lumber more finished for buildings.

In the 1930's, Andrew built a log cottage on the north shore of Clear Lake. He built a large stone fireplace and furniture out of Diamond Willow. Some of the backs of the chairs were made of Moose and Elk horns.

Andrew Jacobson


Andrew retired from the farm in 1948, moving a home into Erickson where he and Axel lived. During the years, Andrew trapped, hunted and fished. Andrew passed away May 23, 1963 and was buried in the Municipal cemetery at Erickson.

The Jacobson Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Wilbert, Doris, Walter. Seated: Hilma, Ernest and Helen.

Ernest Gusto! was born November 28, 1900 on his grandfather Anderson's homestead, S.E. 6-18-17W.

At the age of five years, Ernest's mother passed away.

He was raised by his father and kind families.

Ernest stayed at Henry Miller's boarding house for two years and two years at Nils and Carolina Halversons where during this time, he attended Erickson school.

Ernest, as a young man, worked on the farm. He received violin lessons from Nels Lithander. Later he and his brother Axel played for dances and weddings. Ernest recalls playing for Sven and Ebba Gunnarson's wedding dance. Ernest married Hilma Sjogren, December 2, 1921. They lived on his father Andrew's homestead S.E. 28-17- 18W and purchased pt. N.E. 18-17-18W. As it was on any farm, hard work prevailed. Crops had to be seeded, more land had to be cleared, hay obtained for the animals.

They owned a threshing machine and steam engine.

When their crop was off with the help of neighbours, then off to help the rest of the neighbours.

Hilma did many chores while the men were harvesting, also knit socks, mitts etc. for her family. Very hard work but happy times were had. The coffee pot was always on at the Jacobson home. Hilma and Ernest enjoyed company.

Then in 1968, they retired to the former Hjalmar Korberg home in Erickson, and in 1971, Ernest and Hilma celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, a happy occasion with all their children home. Not completely retired, Ernest has been kept busy at the Erickson Transfer. Hilma passed away September 5, 1978, at Erickson at the age of 82 years. Ernest drives his