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Mary and Mike IWQSiuk.

last few years but still like to put in a garden and like to have their children and grandchildren visit them any time. They became great grandparents in 1983, for the first time but haven't seen their great granddaughter.

They were blessed with a family of seven:

Peter, born December 21, 1930, married on June 12, 1968, to Margaret Marsett. They farmed in the Deleau area and were divorced in 1970. He now lives at Dryden, Ontario, a painter by trade.

Irene, born March 14, 1933, married Frank Shand ala of Sandy Lake area on November 12, 1953, where they farmed until their retirement in 1982. They had four sons who attended Erickson Collegiate. Brian remains single and lives with his parents on the farm. Craig was killed accidentally on June 21, 1980, at the age of 22. Bruce married Jill Harris on June 13, 1979, and they reside in Mission, B.C. They have one daughter Brianna Dawn born May 12, 1983. Kenneth was killed accidentally on

December 22, 1979, at the age of 19.

Walter, born February 28, 1934. For a time he farmed on the S.E. 7-18-17W, known as the Immigration House quarter, which he and his father owned and bought from William Dagg and later sold it to Cliff Warrington. He married Donna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Laurie Thierry of the Cadurcis area on November 24, 1962. They now live in Minnedosa and rent a farm in the Cadurcis area.

William "Bill", born January 27, 1936, and married Adrienne Marion of Winnipegosis on December 15, 1956. They have four children; Mitchell, Brenda, Bill and Frank. They have made their home at Brandon where Bill owned a used car lot and now is retired.

He/en, born April 17, 1937, and married Gary Savage of Kenora, Ontario, on May 17, 1960. They have three daughters; Karen, Laurie and Debbie. They now live in Dryden, Ontario, where they own and operate Savage's Grocery Store.

Margaret "Marge", born April 19, 1939, married John Gregorash of the Rackham district on May 26, 1962, at the Minnedosa United Church. (refer to Gregorash, John and Marge).

Frank, born February 16, 1946, and lived to the age of 14 when he died on a beautiful day on September 27, 1960.

The first five children started their schooling at the little Clanwilliam school until they moved to 1O-16-18W and then all attended Grey school. The parents are Greek Catholic by faith and the children married and joined the faith of their choice.

Mike and Mary IWQSiuk Family - 1982. Back Row, Left to Right: Helen, Walter, Marge, Bill. Front Row: Peter, Mary, Mike and Irene.

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