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Andrew and Selma had three children; Joe, Ethel and Andy. The children were very young when their mother passed away so they were raised by their maternal grandparents Lars and Emma Oman.

Joe, spent much of his time at his Uncle John Oman's.

At thirteen he worked on the Proven threshing gang pitching straw into the steam engine. Joe was very fond of horses and they were his livelihood and transportation. He broke land, cut and sawed wood, worked in sawmills and he also worked on No. 10 highway when it was built. In 1920, he bought S.E. 18-17-17W from his father. In 1930, he married Jennie Booth and with the help of his father they built a two storey log house near what is known as 18 Lake. From 1940 to 1980 the fishing was very good. Weekends were like a summer resort with fishing, camping, and swimming. Joe and Jennie started with three cows and made their living selling cream. In 1943, they bought N.W. 8-17-17W from Henry Syslak. He farmed until 1962, when they sold to their son Ronald and moved to Erickson. Joe drove school buses and worked for Ed Greenlaw, he was caretaker at the curling rink, and the cemetery until his retirement. Jennie worked as housekeeper at the Erickson Hospital for nine years. Joe passed away on January 2, 1976, at the age of 76 years. Jennie, although in poor health, resides in her home in Erickson. They had seven children, five were born at home and delivered by Dr. Rutledge and midwife Annie Pearson. One son died at birth.

Selma received her education at Hilltop School, worked at domestic work, spent most of her young years helping her parents, was family seamstress, and enjoying knitting and baking. In 1949 she married Gordon Skoglund. (refer to Skoglund, John August and Kristina.

Ronald, received his education at Hilltop School, he married Joyce English in November 1956 at the Erickson Lutheran Church. Ronald worked with Harper's Construction on elevator construction across Saskat­ chewan and Manitoba. They lived a short time at Erickson, in 1957 Joyce moved around with Ronald in their mobile home. In 1959 Ronald and Joyce bought S.W. 27-17-18W from Donald and Ruth Johnson. They farmed for thirteen years, in January of 1974 they moved to Campbell's Trailer Court, east of Brandon. In October of 1975 they moved to Forrest where they are presently living. Ron is working with Behlen Wickes of Brandon. Joyce is a nurse at the Assiniboine Hospital in Brandon. They have four sons:

Brent, was born in 1957, in Erickson, received his education at Erickson School, was very active in curling, and he is presently employed in Edmonton, Alta.

Bryan, was born in 1959, at Erickson, educated at Erickson. He married Jacquie Selbie of Brandon in 1979. They have two children, Wayne and Crystal. They reside in Brandon.

Barry, was born in 1963 in the Minnedosa Hospital. He received his education at Erickson. Barry was the 1963 New Year's baby. Barry married Gale Streeter of Neepawa in 1982. They reside in Neepawa.

Blair was born in 1964 in Minnedosa, educated at Erickson and Forrest. Blair lives at home with his parents.

A lbert, married Gale Hillstrand in September of 1960, and settled in Erickson. Albert worked for Manitoba Hydro in Northern Manitoba. In 1968, he went into partnership with Art Holmberg and formed A and A Construction, which Albert took over in 1975. Gayle worked as a nurse's aid in the Erickson Hospital for many years. They have two daughters, Cindy, and Michele.

Cindy, was born at Erickson and received her education at Erickson. She married David Horn and they have two girls, Jamie and Robin.

Michele, was born at Erickson and is attending school at Erickson. She is very active in sports, especially junior CUrling.

Marlene, received her education at Hilltop and worked at the Erickson Creamery candling eggs until she married Mike Labuke in 1959, son of John and Annie Labuke. (refer to Labuke, John and Annie).

Janet, attended Hilltop and Erickson schools. She worked as a nurse's aid at the Erickson Hospital and in 1961 she married Norman Lofgren. (refer to Lofgren, Ernest and Thora).

Faye, received her education at Hilltop and Erickson schools, and worked as a nurse's aid until 1967 when she married Roland Lee. (refer to Lee, Levi and Eileen).

Ethel, married Albert Tilling a C.P .R. fireman and they made their home in Minnedosa. They have one son Dale, who resides in Regina. Albert passed away in February, of 1975 and Ethel still is active in community work and lives in her home in Minnedosa.

Th~ J~ Johnson Family. Back Row. Left to Right: Janet, Ronald. Faye. Albert. Marlene. Selma. Seated: Joe and Jennie.