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Ontario. Emma resides at Brandon.

Alfred was married, had one daughter, Donna. He now resides in Ontario.


by Nellie

Nils, was born in Torsby, Varmland, Sweden, on December 29, 1886, a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hallenston. The reason that Nils' "surname" is Johnson is that it was the policy in Sweden in those days to add "son" to the father's given name, and it became their son's "surname". Thus Nils has carried the Johnson name. He had six brothers and six sisters, Freda is the only member of his family living today. She resides in California.

Nils received his education in Torsby. At the age of 20 years he decided to immigrate to Canada. Leaving Gothenburg, Sweden, March 23, 1906, by steamer for Hull, England. Within 48 hours, and having passed through customs he travelled by train to Liverpool and within 12 days left by ocean steamer for St. John's New Brunswick.

They had a terrible journey, as the sea was so rough and all passengers were seasick. Upon arrival at St. John's, they were immediately sept on to Minnedosa via railroad. Their fare, 173 Kroners, included payment for provisions, lodging and care from Gothenburg to Minnedosa.

Nils was accompanied by a friend by the name of Zetterland. Upon arrival in Minnedosa, they resided at the Happy Zetterland home. This was to be Nils' home for some years. He was a carpenter and well digger by trade. In later years he progressed to well drilling.

Nils and Nellie Johnson.

Nils married Nellie Stone of Danvers, Manitoba, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Stone. Nellie received her education at Tales School. The land for this school was donated by her grandfather, Mr. Joe Tales. Nellie resided in Danvers until her marriage. They resided in Erickson until 1944, and then moved to Minnedosa.


Nils and Nellie had four children, two sons died in infancy. Helen, their eldest daughter married Henry Olson from Erickson. Henry was employed with the Atomic Research Plant in Pinawa, Manitoba. Retired, they continued to reside there. Henry and Helen have three children: Floyd is employed in an official capacity for the Nickel Mines in Indonesia. Floyd married Linda Wilkinson of Winnipeg. Their daughter Kimmy is completing her education in Singapore. Lynette married Robert Bruneau. They reside in Lac du Bonnet with their two daughters and a son. Robert is employed at the Atomic Research Plant in Pinawa, Manitoba. Lorise is employed as an assessor for the City of Winnipeg, where her marriage to Dale Gilchrist was an event of February 28, 1981. They were married in the same church as her parents, the Gordon King Memorial United Church.

Evelyn, the second daughter born to Nils and Nellie, owned and operated a hairdressing business prior to her marriage to Jim Stewart, who is employed with the Mid­ West Paper Company. They reside in Winnipeg with their daughter Nancy who attends Success Business College.

Nils passed away March 5, 1982, and Nellie resides in her home in Minnedosa.

Nellie and Nils Johnson with their daughters Helen and Evelyn on their 50th Anniversary.


by Irma Naslund and friends of the family

Per (Peter) born in 1843 and Elizabeth Wilhelmina born in 1857 were married on October 20, 1877. They immigrated from Skinskatteberg, Sweden in 1888, with three daughters, settling in the Scandinavia district on S.W. 6-18-17W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam.