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The Peter Johnson Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Agda, Nellie, Annie, Gerda, Edith, Cecilia. Front Row: Arthur, Elizabeth, Peter and Mabel.

Five more children were born there.

Their family;

Nellie Waterton lived in Scandinavia, died 1943.

Annie McMillan lived in Clanwilliam, was widowed and later married N. Mcinnes, lived in Vancouver, died in the 1940's.

Edith Cooper lived in Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan,

died 1973.

Gerda Naslund lived in Scandinavia, died 1942. AgdaFielder lived in Victoria, died 1979. Cecelia Hilton lived in Brandon, died 1966. Mabel Hodgson lived in Vancouver, died 1971.

Arthur Peter Wilhelm lived in Scandinavia, Brandon and Eden, died 1974.

Grandfather Johnson was a carpenter by trade and built the first log building for the Lutheran Church. He also donated a corner of their quarter section homestead for the cemetery. Throughout the years he served as the Church Warden. After the family was settled, our maternal grandmother, Wilhelmina Bjornbom, followed her only daughter to the new land. She was a welcome addition to the community as she was an experienced midwife. She passed her skills on to her daughter who carried on this work throughout the area. Many a prospective father fetched Mrs. Johnson in all kinds of weather to the homes where she always brought a feeling of reassurance that all would go well.

It wasn't until 1913 that a telephone line was built along the "town line" as far as Forsman's Store, thus greatly improving communications in case of emergencies.

They were an amiable family and were relied on greatly for leadership in the community and the church, especially with music. Edith was one of its first organists. "Johnson's on Six" was a name known throughout the district. They were charter members of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Scandinavia and always active in its work. The Post Office was operated from their home for many years. Nellie was an accomplished dressmaker and both Edith and Cecelia trained as teachers. Gerda was the

homebody and on her marriage, moved only half a mile from home. Half of the Johnson family moved to other parts of Canada. Those who remained in Manitoba were:

Nellie married Edwin Waterton, lived in Scandinavia.

They had three sons Warren, Claude and Edmund (deceased). All moved to B.C.

Gerda (refer to Naslund, Rupert and Gerda).

Cecelia married John Hilton, lived in Brandon, had two sons, John in Esterhazy, Saskatchewan and Robert in Winnipeg.

Arthur married Isabella Wilkinson, had two children Dorothy Cook, Eden and Allan in Brandon. Arthur spent most of his life in Scandinavia, then moved to Brandon where his son Allan lived, and where he worked in the building trade. In later years he moved to Eden to live with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook, to the time of his death in 1974.


by Christine Johnson

In 1942 Roy Johnson married Christine Rushton at Elphinstone, Manitoba. They had two children, James and Lynne. Roy and Christine had a boarding house in Erickson. Christine was a founding member of the Saint Judes Roman Catholic Church, a member of St. Judes Women's Group, a member of the Erickson Women's

Left to Right: Wes Oleniuk, Helen Stattin, Roy Johnson, Jennie Aquin, Christine Johnson and child, Philip Stattin.