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Vernon and Janet Johnson.

seen many "Ericksonites" over the years.

Dad and Mom sold the store in 1962 and Dad built their "dream" home on 2nd St. South and lived there till he died on Nov. 5, 1972. He helped to renovate the church in the country (Danvers) which Grampa Rognan helped build originally. In 1969, it was decided to form one congregation in town and as he was on the church council he helped to renovate the Augustana church. Now it is known as the Erickson Lutheran Church.

After Dad died, Mom went to North Carolina where she spent the winter with Vernon and family. In 1974, she decided to sell the house to Levi and Mary Lee who were very good friends and loved the house as much as we did. She lived in North Carolina two years and when Vernon and family moved to West Virginia in 1974, she lived in an apartment next door to them until 1978 when she decided to move to the West Coast. She keeps active at Grace Lutheran Church and does Volunteer work at the Extended Care Unit of the Gorge Rd. Hospital. She lives close to Mark and I at 2976 Harriet Rd. in Victoria.

Even though we're spread out across the country, all of us think of Erickson as home and we'll always treasure the memories.


John, who was a plasterer by trade, was born in 1828.

He came from OriIlia, Ontario, to the Clanwilliam district around 1870 with his two children, William and Elizabeth "Lizzie". In December, 1887, he applied for a homestead, N.W. 34-16-18W which is now owned by Jack Wilmot. John passed away between 1903-1906.

William, who had come west with his father, John,

Jane and William Johnston.

around 1870, was born on December 9, 1859, in Orillia, Ontario. In May, 1882, William applied for a homestead S.W. 32-16-18W where Frank and Arthur Averill are living now. In Minnedosa, on July 1, 1886, William married Jane Turner, who was born in Hillsdale, On­ tario, on May 19, 1868, and came to the Minnedosa district at the age of fourteen. The couple lived on William's homestead and later moved to the S.E. 2-17- 18W which belonged to Jane's father, Thomas Turner.

William, who followed in his father's footsteps, was also a plasterer. Among the many buildings he plastered were the first Methodist and Presbyterian Churches at Clanwilliam. Jane died on July 5, 1936. For a number of years William lived in Erickson and later went to stay on the farm with his son, Frank, and family, where he resided until his death on April 30, 1946.

William and Jane had seven children:

Mary Jane, born 1887, married William McMillan. (refer to McMillan, John and Rosetta).

James Arthur, a bachelor, born in 1889, deceased 1968.

Hannah Gertrude, born 1892, deceased 1944. She had married Howard Bell.

William Franklin "Frank", was born 1894. (refer to Johnston, Frank and Marguerite).

Alice Louise, born 1897, deceased 1976. She had married Philip McMillan. (refer to McMillan, John and Rosetta).

Thomas Ernest, born 1899, deceased 1983. He had married Harriet Matheson.

Clara Elizabeth, born 1907, married Herman Oman. (refer to Oman, Charlie and Elvina).