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They have five children; Pamela (Mrs. Jim Smith) of Saskatoon, Bill and George of Kitimat, Glenn of Calgary and Florence (Mrs. Larry Sauve) of Ft. McMurray. Albert was employed at Riding Mountain National Park as heavy equipment operator until his retirement in 1978. He served with the Canadian Navy during World War II.

Norman married Marjorie Traquair in 1942. He served with the Airforce as ground crew during World War II. He farmed until 1976. He was also employed at Riding Mountain National Park as a painter, carpenter and later as a sign-shop worker. He retired from the Park December, 1979. He sold his farm to Ken Kane in 1979, but retained the home. They have five children: Wayne of Minnedosa, Brian of Ross, Manitoba, Betty (Mrs. Randy Schneider) of Wellwood, Kelly of Edmonton. A son, Teddy, died in 1947.

Florence resides with her brother Carl in Minnedosa.


by daughter Jan Kostian (nee Janet Johnson)

My dad was the fifth child of the Theodore Johnson family of Clanwilliam, born April 11, 1911. He attended Gray Elementary School in town and was baptized and confirmed in the Immanuel Lutheran Church where he was an active member till 1948.

In the Spring of 1936 he rented the Fred Gugin farm north of Minnedosa. That spring he had just purchased a

Inez and Bennie Johnson.


team of Clydesdale horses and on his way home he crossed the Minnedosa river where everybody drove during the winter as it was much shorter than going through the town. He was halfway across when the ice gave way and both horses drowned. This was a great loss being he was just starting farming on his own so he decided to rent the Matt Greenlaw farm a mile and a half north of his Dad, so he could help him get started. That fall he married my mom, Inez Rognan, Sept. 22, 1936 at Bethel Lutheran Church, Danvers. They farmed for eight years and both my brother and I were born there, Vernon on July 11, 1940, and I came along two years later on June 8.

In 1944, they decided to leave the farm. We built a home in Minnedosa where Dad worked as a front end man for Funnell Motors besides doing carpenter work.

In 1947, he applied for the position of Carpenter Foreman for Riding Mountain National Park. We sold our home in Minnedosa and moved to Erickson in 1948 where we rented Anna Hall's residence until our own home was built in the north end of town. Mom was very active in the Community, School Trustee, W.I., Church, 4-H, and Cubs. She was Cub mother and helped form the first Cub Pack in town. We spent the summers at Clear Lake living in different trailers that Dad would build and sell in the fall. From 1954-1956 Mom opened a Variety store at Clear Lake in a section of the Lake Lodge Hotel for the summer months. In the fall of 1956, we opened the I & B Shoppe in the old Case building next to the Co­ op store. We had our living quarters in the back.

In the fall of 1961, Vernon left to attend Augsburg College in Minneapolis. After two years he came home and worked at the Park for one season. He went to the Lewis Hotel Training School in Washington, D.C. and graduated in May, 1964. He met and married Carolyn Bond Slaughter while working as manager at the Athens Golf and Country Club in Georgia. They were married on Oct. 15, 1966. Carolyn had a girl Sandy of a previous marriage. She was five years old at the time they got married. They have two boys Ley and Jay. Sandy married Don Henderson in 1980 in Huntington, West Virginia and on Aug. 30, 1983 their son Stephen Fain was born, Nanny Johnson's first great grandchild!

Ley was born May 29, 1967, and is in Gr. Eleven. For the past two years he was selected as a member of the "Society of Distinguished American High School Students" the nation's leading high school honor. Jay was born Dec. 13, 1972, and is in Grade 5. Carolyn is a secretary at the University of Georgia and Vernon is part owner of a Fencing Company. They live at 250 Oak Grove Rd., Athens, Georgia and love to have company from home.

I left home in 1962 and worked in Winnipeg for Manitoba Telephone System. On May 6, 1967, I married Mark Kostian, who at the time was in the R.C.M.P. and stationed in Elphinstone. We lived for five years in Thunder Bay, Ont. where our oldest daughter Sue-Anne Leslie was born July 8, 1970. Then, in 1971, we were transferred to Ottawa where our second daughter, Sherri Lynne, was born April 24, 1972. In 1976, we left Ottawa and the Force and came to Victoria to start a Sauna, Hot Tub business. We live at 3810 Wilkinson Rd. and have