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the University of Manitoba, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. In July, 1947, Walter married the former Olga Williams from Macrorie, Saskatchewan. Walter rejoined the Armed Service and spent the majority of his service years in the U.K., Canada, and the U.S.A., working on the designing and testing of guided weapons. His wife, Olga, passed away in April, 1980. Walter is presently living in Ottawa and is working in the Federal Government. Walter and Olga had three children: Marguerite has a degree in Nursing and is presently working in Toronto, Ontario. She is unmarried. Dale has a degree in Business Administration and works as a broker for Wood Gundy in Toronto. He is not married. Lyle lives with his father in Ottawa and works part-time at Steinbergs.

Keith, (refer to Johnston, Keith and Janet).


by Mavis Johnston

Wendell Franklin was born October 27, 1924, at the farm home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McMillan at Erickson. Because there was no doctor at Alonsa, Wendell's mother came to Erickson to stay until after the birth. Dr. Rutledge was the doctor assisting.

Wendell attended school at Birdina school near Alonsa until his parents moved to S.W. 4-17-18W in the Westmount district in 1935. He then attended Crocus Hill school. After leaving school, Wendell worked with his dad on the farm until November 11, 1944, when he joined the Army. He took his training at Shilo and Winnipeg and was on embarkation leave when the war ended in Europe. He was discharged in March, 1946. For the next couple of years, he and Eskil Ullberg worked cat clearing land with their scrub cutter and Caterpillar tractor.

In 1947, Wendell was employed by Manitoba Pool Elevators as a helper at Erickson and Morris, Manitoba and in the fall of 1948 was prompted to buyer and was moved to Brunkild, Manitoba ..

Wendell and Mavis Holmlund were married at the farm home of her parents Tony and Amanda Holmlund on December 28, 1948. The farm was the one formerly owned by Wendell's uncle, Wm. McMillan, and the birthplace of Wendell.

After their marriage, the couple lived at Brunkild, Manitoba, where Wendell bought grain for Manitoba Pool Elevators and Mavis taught Grades 5 to 8 at the Brunkild school.

In July, 1950, they moved to Erickson where Wendell worked at various jobs. In 1951, they purchased S. W. 29- 17-18W from the late Clifford Anderson and in April, 1952, the Johnston's rented and moved to the P .K. Peterson farm and Wendell started farming. In order to supplement the farm income, Wendell worked several years for the Village of Erickson on a part time basis and Mavis taught school.

She taught at Onanole from 1957-1959, and at Erickson from 1959-1963. In October 1957, they moved into the new house built on S.W. 29-17-18W. More land was acquired in 1963 when S.W. 31-17-18W and N.E. 30-

The Wendell Johnston Family. Left to Right: Barbara, Diane, Wendy. Seated: Wendell and Mavis.

17-18W were purchased from Wm. Andrews and N.E. 33-16-18W from Wendell's dad. Several quarters of land were also rented and farmed by Wendell.

Wendell and Mavis are members of the Erickson Lutheran Church and are both active members of the Curling Club.

In addition to doing part time and substitute teaching, Mavis taught Sunday School and Confirmation classes, and has served on various community committees. Presently she is serving on Church Council, is an active member of the LCW and enjoys "tagging" along with the Erickson Slow Pitch Ball Team, The Swingers.

Wendell is presently a board member of the Parish Council, Erickson Co-op Store Board, Skating Rink Building Committee, the Recreation Commission and has served on the Pool Elevator and Credit Union Boards.

A highlight in the lives of Wendell and his youngest daughter, Barbara, was the visit of the Queen to Erickson on July 12, 1970, and the hand shakes and conversation.

Wendell and Mavis have three daughters:

Diane was born on February 9,1951, and she took her schooling at Onanole and Erickson. She attended Sunday School, was confirmed into the Lutheran faith, belonged to Luther League and 4-H, was very active in figure skating and helped instruct the younger children. She was a Carnival and Snow Queen and worked part time and summers at Earley's Pharmacy. In 1967, in a Bake-off at Russell, Manitoba, sponsored by Manitoba Co-ops, Diane won an all-expense paid trip to Banff, Alberta. She also attended figure skating school in Brandon that summer. In June, 1969, she graduated from Erickson Collegiate and that fall enrolled at Red River Community College for a two year course in Secretarial Sciences. After graduation, she worked for Great West Life in Winnipeg. On October 16, 1971, Diane married Fred Yakiwchuk. (refer to Yakiwchuk, Gabriel and Pearl).

Wendy was born August 4, 1953, and took her