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The Hjalmar Korberg Family. Left to Right: Hilma, Hjalmar, Harry, Alice, Ellen, John and Mildred.

when a had thunderstorm came up that the horses broke loose and headed for home. Next morning Harry had to walk the 25 miles south, finding the horses waiting at the home gate.

Harry bought S.E. 19-17-17W from Joe Burgess for $700.00 and bought N.E. 18-17-17W from Albin Olson in the late 40's. Harry married Mabel Frederickson Sep­ tember 28, 1946 and they farmed until 1968 when they sold the farm to Jack Vanderhulst and moved to Min­ nedosa. They had three children, Brenda, Garth and a son Morley who only lived two days, and is at rest in the Hilltop cemetery.

Brenda and Garth received their education in Hilltop and Erickson schools and Garth his high school in Minnedosa. Harry worked for Agri-Steel, later known as Terra, now as Morris. He retired in 1980. In September 1970, Mabel started working at the Minnedosa District Hospital Laundry Department and is still employed there.

Brenda went to Success Business College in Winnipeg in 1968. She started working for Great West Life in 1969 and she moved to Calgary in 1979. She is employed there with the same company.

Garth worked in Winnipeg at various jobs and did extensive travelling through Europe and Central America, then he settled in Victoria, B.C. where he met and married Sandra Von Brevern in August 1981. Garth works in carpentry.

Mildred was employed at the Hillstrand home and store. On November 26, 1936, Carl Erickson and Mildred were united in marriage, residing at Hilltop until October 14, 1941, when they moved to Winnipeg. Carl had come to Winnipeg from Northern Sweden in May, 1926. He worked on Elevator Construction and at Clear Lake on Park projects. After moving to Winnipeg, Carl was employed at Brown and Rutherford for six years, then for 25 years for the C.N.R.

They have two daughters, Lorraine was born in Hilltop and Lynda in Winnipeg where they were educated.

Lorraine and Lawrence Mutcher were married June, 1959, and live now near Thunder Bay, Ontario. They have two sons, Dale and Neil. Dale is presently studying in Germany. Lynda was married to Richard Skr­ zysyewski in February, 1978, and they have two daughters, Jennifer and Kimberly.


Hilma worked at various places during the summer months. She also helped her grandfather Ivor Ullberg after he moved to Erickson. Hilma married Arthur Lundman, March 29, 1940. Arthur had arrived from Pitea, Sweden, in 1930. He worked on elevator con­ struction in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, then was employed at Clear Lake constructing the log buildings and other projects. In 1937, he went to Flin Flon to work in the H.B.M.S. carpenter shop. Hilma and Arthur were married in Flin Flon and their first two children, Irwin and Alvina, were born there. They moved to Enderby, B.C., in 1945 where Art started a hardware and building supply store which was operated by the Lundmans for 32 years. Irwin is presently working for Crown Zellerbach in the plywood department. He married Ernestine Carlson, R.N. October, 1966. They reside in Enderby and have two sons, Gary and Ian.

Alvina graduated from Nursing School as an R.N. She married George Halvorson November, 1965. They have three sons, Doug, Glen and Wayne and live at Clear­ brook, B.C., where George is under contract with Canada Post.

Art and Hilma's youngest son Birk was born in En­ derby. After graduation, he purchased a tractor trailer for long hauling. he married Cheryl Stanley in April 1975. They have two daughters, Joy and Tracy and live in Enderby where Birk is employed hauling logs.

Arthur Lundman passed away February 17, 1980. Alice spent one term studying at Briercrest Bible School. Then she visited and worked in Flin Flon and Enderby, B.C. After returning to Erickson she worked in the Co-op store for several years. Alice married Ted Challborn March 2, 1951. They bought the Ullberg farm across from Hilltop Baptist Church where Alice was very active. On August 16, 1952, Alice's sudden death at the time when their son Kurt was born was a great shock to family and friends and she is very sadly missed. Kurt lived with Harry and Mabel for 2 112 years until Ted remarried. He was educated at Hilltop and Erickson schools, then he worked as miner and truck driver. Kurt met and married Trudy Lake of Edmonton. They have two children, Mark and Kirsten, and live in Stony Plains, Alberta, where Kurt has a trucking service.

John was born on the family farm August 29, 1922. He attended school at Hilltop. In 1943, he enlisted in the army, served overseas and was discharged in 1946. On his return he purchased the farm from his parents and lived there until 1965 when he moved to Armstrong, B.C. with his family. John married Eidlyn Ehlin on March 18, 1954. Their three children, Kerry, Kevin and Karyn were born in Minnedosa.

John is employed as a chip-n-saw operator at Crown Zellarbach sawmill in Armstrong. Their children com­ pleted their education in Armstrong schools, and worked in Calgary and Vancouver. Kerry and Kevin returned to the Okanagan Valley as carpenters and they own Coastline Construction in Vernon, B.C.

Kerry married Sheryn Brown of Vernon in 1979. They have one son, Bret.

Kevin married Marina Hewison of Armstrong in 1979.

They have a daughter, Alissa.

Karyn works for Dunn and Rundle Cameras in