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The Korberg family name has increased to fourteen since Hjalmar arrived in Canada in 1905. They have never come across anyone with the same name in their travels in the Western World.


by Kay Kotyk

Paul and Kay Kotyk with their three children, Bob, Ted, and Paulette moved to Erickson in October, 1957. The family had previously made their home in Dauphin, Man. Another daughter Patricia was born in Erickson in the spring of 1958.

Before coming to Erickson, Paul was employed on construction work by the Harper Construction Com­ pany. One of the owners of Harpers at that time was Mr. Arvid Lundman and the majority of the employees were from the Erickson area. The work was mostly building and renovating for the United Grain Growers.

When Paul decided to to into business for himself he chose Erickson as a good location. He purchased Pt. of N.E. 29-17-18W, along P.T.H. No. 10, from Mr. Mark Soltys, with the intentions of going into the service station business. He obtained the Esso franchise and in the spring constructed a service station with living quarters combined. He opened for business, under the trade name "Gateway Esso Service", in July 1958. He operated this business, with the help of his family, until April, 1977, when ill health forced him to retire. The business was rented out and they moved into Erickson. It was sold to Robert Beatty in 1979 and is now known as Beatty's Esso.

Paul passed away in July, 1980, just after his 60th birthday. Kay makes her home in Erickson.

The Paul Kotyk Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Patricia and Dan Neilson, Linda and Ted Kotyk, Barbara and Bob Kotyk, Paulette and Clare Haralson. Front Row: Lynley Kotyk, Wendy Haralson, Kay Kotyk holding Melodie Neilson, Paul Kotyk, Kenneth Haralson, Penny Kotyk and Susan Haralson.

Bob married Barbara Smider of Souris, Man. They have two daughters, Penny and Lynley. Bob is employed by the Manitoba Telephone System as a cable splicer. They make their home in Souris.

Ted married Linda Assiognon of Arran, Sask. They have one son, Jonathan. Ted is employed by NOWSCO as a service engineer. They make their home in Lloyd­ minster, Sask.

Paulette married Clare Haralson of Erickson. They have two daughters, Susan and Wendy and one son, Kenneth. They farm just outside of Erickson.

Patricia married Dan Neilson of Brandon, Man. She has one daughter, Melodie. Pat is a L.P.N. and is presently attending University in Brandon.


by John Kozak

Metro Kozak was born in the Ukraine during the very difficult times of Czarist rulers. He married Waselenka Dolinski in 1905, and came to Canada in 1906. They finally settled in the Scandinavia area and had seven children, two of them born in Scandinavia. Metro died in 1956.

Their children are:

Mary born in the Ukraine in 1906, was six months old when she came to Canada. She married John Kowalchuck and lived in Elk Ranch. They had several children but Mary died after the last child was born. The (ather, with the help of neighbours, raised all the children

and tried to keep the family together. .

Steve was born in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, in 1909.

He was brought up in Scandinavia and the Swedish in­ fluence was so strong that Steve learned to speak Swedish better than Ukrainian. He married Mary Andronak in 1936. In 1937, he was seriously ill with King George's sickness and if it had not been for Dr. Routledge's skill, would have died. He enlisted in the army in 1941 and was killed in action in 1943. He was awarded a medal for his services. They had two daughters.

Ann was born in Minnedosa in 1911, attended Scandinavia school and later worked for Mr. Doner. She married Bill Zahodnik and lived in Sandy Lake.

Mike was born in Minnedosa in 1913. He attended Scandinavia school. He worked at various places and helped his father on the farm.

Fred was born in Minnedosa in 1915. He lived with John Larson and worked for him while he got some of his schooling in Scandinavia. He enlisted in 1940. He married Connie Taylor. He passed away in 1976.

Pauline was born in Scandinavia in 1917. She attended school in that district, married John Zahodnik and lived at Beardmore, Ontario.

John was born in Scandinavia in 1919, and attended school there. He enlisted in 1941, was sent to the West Indies in 1943 and returned in 1945. He married Pearl Woloski in 1950. They have one daughter Jeanne and one granddaughter Brie-Ann Noelle Strutinsky.