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The Metro Kozak Family. Left to Right: Metro, Waselenka, Steve, Annie, Mike, Fred, Pauline and John.


by Adina Gusdal and Rolland Krantz

Anton Krantz emigrated from Sweden in the spring of 1912. He left his wife Ellen and three children, Margaret, Eric and Adina at their home in Jamtland and booked passage on the Titanic Maiden Voyage. Fortunately for him and his family, he took sick with a virus flu in Norway and the immigration officials detained him long enough so he missed the fateful voyage.

He came to Scandinavia where his brother Charlie and a friend, Pete Oberg, had previously taken up a homestead. He did not take up land but worked with C.A. Johnson as a carpenter. In the fall his family came to join him. They moved into the Scandinavia parsonage, which is now standing on the Centennial Grounds in Erickson. They lived there until the summer of 1914 when he rented the N.W. 28-18-18 W, which he farmed for 13 years. He worked out much of the time to support the family as farming had many drawbacks. He was hailed out several years in succession and rust was a menace. He worked as a carpenter and often worked in logging camps.

Mother would crochet and sell her work for some extra cash. The older children trapped and dug Seneca roots for their spending money.

While living in Erickson, Ellen, Anna, Harry, Evelyn and Rolland were born. In 1925, the eldest daughter Margaret passed away at the age of 18 years.

Seeking greener pastures he and his family moved to the Peace River Country in Alberta in 1927, where he settled in the Hythe area. There he filed on two quarters of land, one for himself and one for Eric, by proxy. He continued on with his trade as a carpenter until enough land could be cleared and broken to support the family.

The family today has dispersed in many directions.

Mother passed away in 1950, Dad in 1976, Harry in 1979.

Eric moved to Bear Canyon where he farmed. Adina returned to Erickson where she married Philip Gusdal. (refer to Philip Gusdal.) Ellen (Mrs. Irving Bateman) resides in Brandon, Manitoba. Anna (Mrs. Allan Ar­ chibald) resides in Calgary, Alberta. Evelyn (Mrs. Nick


Anton and Ellen Krantz.

The Krantz Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Harry, Eric, Rolland. Front Row: Adina, Anna, Ellen and Evelyn.

Be kind to people; avoid hurting them. Look for good qualities, not faults, in yourself and others.