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hosted their daughter Alice's wedding. They bought a house in Erickson south of the old curling rink from Adam Kulchisky and in July, 1972, moved into their present home on Main Street, which they bought from Ray Svenson.

Even though they are retired they are kept very busy.

Peter is 'an ardent fisherman and spends many hours trying to land the big ones. He also enjoys reminiscing with his children and telling of days when he worked all day for fifty cents or $15.00 a month during harvest season. Rose loves sewing and has sewn many graduation and bridesmaid's dresses. She also enjoys quilting, cooking, gardening and keeping an eye on her 91-year old mother, Frances, who lives nearby in her own home.

Their marriage was blessed with six children.

Mavis, born on February 9, 1945, works for Air Canada Cargo in Montreal.

Wayne, born on November 13, 1948, does Commercial Auditing. He married Elaine Ansell in Edmonton and they have one son.

Patricia, born on November 4, 1949, married Bob Rialland. They have three children and live in Winnipeg.

Alice, born on January 1, 1951, married George Bourgoiun. They have three children and live at Grosse Isle. George works for Hudson Bay Transport in Win­ nipeg.

Larry, born on September 26, 1953, married Marne Cutter. He works for the Dept. of Public Works and does carpentry, and they live at Onanole.

Karen, born on September 24, 1956, married Nick Jawa and they have one daughter. Nick is a mechanic and they live in Winnipeg.


by Annie Yarjou

Bill Krysko was born February 9, 1887, in Detroit, Michigan. He was the son of Andrew and Katherine Krysko. Bill came to Canada to seek employment which he found at William Swinburn's. He received his Canadian Naturalization on April 13, 1914.

Bill married Annie Oleniuk, daughter of Roman and Magna Oleniuk on November 3, 1914 at the Peter Sawchun home. Reverend Father John Szayrowski of Huns Valley "Polonia" officiated. Their attendants were Nick Materko and Barbara Todoruk. A small reception was held in her parents' home. Annie's wedding dress was made by Mrs. Campbell which she still has in her possession today.

Bill and Annie were again employed by William Swinburn for a short while, then rented from the Proven's, Martin's and Moroz's. When John Forsgren moved to B.C., Bill and Annie moved into their small three room house on N.E. 20-17-18W. Later, they moved to Annie's father's farm, N.E. 16-17-18W which he had purchased from Dwight McMillan. Here they built a two­ storey log home. They raised animals, grew grain and a large garden. There was an abundance of wild fruit which was preserved for the winter months.

By 1920, Bill and Annie purchased a Model T Ford car


Annie and Bill Krysko.

with curtains for $300. When the first roads were not passable for the car, they would use the team of horses for shopping, visiting and attending Jackfish St. An­ thonys Roman Catholic church. They were instrumental in the starting of the St. Jude's church at Erickson.

Bill's father, Andrew lived with them until he passed away. Bill and Annie didn't have any children. Bill passed away, September 27, 1938 at Neepawa Hospital. He was buried in the Jackfish cemetery. Unable to carry on farming, Annie sold the farm and equipment and was employed at the home of Dr. Rutledge. Later she worked at several places, Ninette Hospital, for her sister and brother-in-law, Philip and Helen Statin, at Koostatik, Manitoba and at Kenora, Ontario. She returned to Erickson and was employed at the Wally Townley home.

Annie married Felix Yarjou on October 25, 1949 in St.

Judes church, Erickson. They have resided at Cardinal, St. Francis Xavier and St. James, Manitoba where they retired. Felix and Annie enjoyed caring for their garden, shrubs and flowers.

Felix passed away in January, 1975. Annie had received her Canadian Citizenship on November 29, 1949. At the age of 84, she is enjoying good health and appreciates visits from her family and friends.


Nettie came to Canada with her mother and sisters from Poland in 1912. They arrived in early November. Her mother Mrs. Anastasia Shmyr bought land in the Oakburn district and they settled there. Mrs. Shmyr later moved to Sandy Lake to find work, but Nettie stayed in Oak burn as she was already working at five years of age. Nettie worked in Oakburn until 1924 when she joined her mother in Sandy Lake. She stayed with Mom long enough to put the garden in, then went to work for a farmer until Christmas. After Christmas, she worked for a couple doing chores for a month, for board and room.