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She returned home for two weeks and then worked for a storekeeper in Sandy Lake. A couple of weeks later, her mother arrived with Mr. Joe Kucher and on February 22, 1925, Nettie was married to him at 15 years of age.

They lived on a farm east of the present Onanole community, in the Clear Lake district as it was known then.

Joe left in 1941, and Nettie moved with her children to the city to find work. Nettie lived for many years in Winnipeg and area, including stays in Edmonton and Calgary.

Mr. Joe Kucher died in 1969. In 1977, Nettie moved from Calgary to Onanole where she lived for a year. She moved to Erickson in 1978, and has been living here since. Nettie is now living in Parkland Senior Citizens Home.

Nettie has eight children: Ann, Mrs. Wayne Jones,

Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Mary, Mrs. J. Willox, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Frank, Onanole, Manitoba.

Rosie, Mrs. C.G. O'Brien of Victoria, B.C.

Stan, Shoal Lake and Onanole, Manitoba. Margaret, Mrs. B. Asquin, Edmonton, Alberta. Patsy, Mrs. Walter Robinson, Calgary, Alberta. Marcia, Mrs. K. Sahota, Onanole, Manitoba. There are 30 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren.


Nicholas and Barbara immigrated to Canada from the Ukraine. On October 1, 1912, they applied for a homestead, Pt. SE 15-18-17W in the Norland district and received the title on January 22, 1921.

Nicholas farmed for several years and Barbara was a midwife, making her rounds to many homes in the area.

Nicholas passed away in 1947, and Barbara passed away on June 16, 1967, at the age of 89. They were buried at the Kerr's Lake Cemetery.

Nicholas and Barbara had two daughters, Mary and Annie, who attended school at Norland.

Mary married John Kostiw, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kostiw of Kerr's Lake. They reside in Toronto, Ont.

Annie married John Labuke. (refer to Labuke, John md Annie).


by Teenie Zahodnik

John, along with his parents, Nicholas and Justine Labuke, immigrated to Canada in the early 1900's from Austria. The family settled in the Mountain Road area, where John worked for several farmers.

In 1914, John married Annie Kuplinski, daughter of Nicholas and Barbara Kuplinski, who homesteaded on Pt. S.E. 15-18-17W. John and Annie applied for a homestead, N.E. 1O-18-17W, on December 9, 1909, and received the title on September 24, 1917. Their first home was made of log, plastered with mud, and with a family of seven the two-room home became very crowded. John

raised cattle, horses to help clear the land, and grain.

A daughter, Teenie, remembers her parents selling cream, eggs and cordwood to buy the necessary staples. Her father also sold and delivered spruce seedlings to Patmore's in Brandon, a long trip by horses and wagon, so the children could have hats and shoes to attend church. The family were members of the Mountain Road Greek Catholic Church until a closer church was built at Kerr's Lake.

Later, John and Annie purchased and moved to a farm in the Hilltop area and remained there until 1971, when they retired to Mountain Road.

John passed away in November, 1961, and Annie remained there until moving to Erickson. She now resides in the Eastview Lodge, Neepawa, Man. Many people will remember Annie Labuke for the lovely Easter eggs she decorated.

John and Annie had five children who attended Norland School. They are - Mary, Teenie, Polly, Jennie and Mike.

Mary married Mike Kostiw. They farmed on Pt. S. W. 2-18-17W in the R.M. of Clanwilliam and later retired to Erickson. Mike had played the violin in a local orchestra with Frank Woywada and Elsie Kostenchuk. Mary enjoyed playing bingo at the Erickson Legion. Mike has since passed away and Mary resides at Sudbury, Ont., near her two sons, Allan and Walter. Allan is married and has two sons. Walter is married and has a son and daughter.

Teenie married John Zahodnik. He served in the Armed Forces during the Second World War. They farmed at Riding Mountain, Man., and also ran a restaurant for several years. John and Teenie had five children. Teenie is now a widow and resides at Kelwood, Man.

Polly married Mike Kostiw, no relation to sister Mary's husband. They farm in the Mountain Road area and have four daughters.

Jennie married Mike Martinook. They reside in Brandon and have four daughters.

Mike married Marlene Johnson in 1959. Marlene is a daughter of Joe and Jennie Johnson of Erickson. They reside at Brandon, where Mike is a Janitor at Assiniboine College, and Marlene is in the housekeeping dept. of Brandon General Hospital. They have two children, Kimberly and Darren.

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