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Curling Club at Winnipeg as ice maker where he remained for twelve years, and then one year at Kitimat, B.C. Over the years, he also curled, winning many trophies and prizes.

In 1971, Emil passed away and was buried at the Erickson cemetery.

Edith is a member of the Erickson Ladies' Curling Club, the Women's Institute, and the Perky Pioneer Senior's group. She continues to reside in Erickson.

Emil and Edith's three children are; Arnold, Dennis and Clarence.

Arnold Erhard, born October 18, 1935, on the farm in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, attended school at Erickson and was confirmed in the Bethel Lutheran Church, Danvers. In 1954, he joined the Canadian Army and served for three years. On October 19, 1957 at the Bethel church, Danvers, Arnold married Theresa Marie "Terry", daughter of Peter and Jessie Domanski of Elphinstone. Terry was born September 21, 1937 at Eiphinstone, Manitoba, where she completed high school. She worked as a Nurse's Aid at the Old Assiniboine Hospital, Brandon and later worked at Alex's Cafe, Erickson where she met Arnold. After his discharge from the services, he worked for a time at the Erickson Co-op Hardware, then started his own T.V. and Repair business. In 1972, he started a Well Drilling business and they continue to reside on Pt. 33-17 -18W. Terry was a member of the Erickson Ladies' Curling Club. Arnold and Terry had four children; Alden, Keith and Pamela attended school at Erickson. Alden Arnold, born Sep­ tember 13, 1958 at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. He is presently employed by Ken Beatty Construction. Alden's daughter Jamie Taniwa, born November 11, 1979 at Minnedosa, now resides in Brandon. Larry, born August 13, 1960, died in infancy. Keith Scott, born August 2, 1961 at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit. He is employed by his father, Well Drilling. Pamela Jane, born January 27, 1963 at Minnedosa, attended school at Erickson. Pamela and her daughter, April Candice, born November 8, 1981, reside at Erickson.

Dennis, born December 3, 1940 at Mrs. Val Biczo's Nursing Home, and attended school at Erickson. He first worked in the mine at Thompson, and then for Norman Peterson. He then owned and operated an Outdoor Sport Machine, Sales and Service at Regina, Saskatchewan. In 1963, Dennis married Linda Renison in Regina. They moved to LaRonge, Saskatchewan where they now reside and Dennis operates the same line of business.

Clarence Alden, born February 25, 1958 at the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit, attended the Elementary school and graduated from the Erickson Collegiate in 1975. Since 1977, Clarence has worked on the farm for Albert Sillen and part time at Agristeel, Minnedosa. He enjoys hunting, fishing, curling and golfing.

Contentment is not found in having everything but being satisfied with everything you have.


by Mrs. Joe Mitchell

Frank Larson was born in Naarke, Sweden, in 1868.

He came to America in 1892 and lived in Chicago for three years. He arrived in Minnedosa on December 24, 1895, and later settled on the homestead in Hilltop District where he farmed through the good and bad times until 1937. He was married to Emma Stolt in 1896 who passed away in 1920. Frank died in March, 1960.

He raised five daughters and three sons. Three daughters lived in the same district. Mrs. Nils Larson, Mrs. Hans Skoglund, and Mrs. Albert Peterson. Mrs. Arvid Lundman and Mrs. Allan Emmertz lived in Winnipeg. Ed Larson in Calgary. Bill Larson in Ed­ monton and Elmer Larson in Alberta.

He was survived by eighteen grandchildren.

Frank Larson

Nature meets many of man's needs,

Among other things he finds beauty for his soul, Healingfor his body, knowledge for his inquiring mind, Communion with his Creator, and peace for his troubled heart.