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May, 1971. During these years he worked as Manager at banks in Brandon, Selkirk and Winnipeg at the Bank of Nova Scotia. In 1975, the family moved to Alberta where he joined an Alberta Provincial Banking System called Treasury Branches of Alberta. He has worked as Manager of these branches at Barrhead, Fort McMurray and Rocky Mountain House. In September, 1981, he was transferred to Edmonton where he is Credit Supervisor for the Central Division of Treasury Branches. The family resides in Edmonton, where they hope to remain for some time.

De/mar Mervin

Following completion of Grade 12 in Erickson, he began work with the Department of Highways in Brandon. Between 1959 and 1962, he spent three years at university, one year at the University of Manitoba, and the remaining two years at the Brandon University. Following this he worked for the Department of Highways at Sandy Lake, Elphinstone and Oak Lake. In 1965, he married Nora Williams of Oak Lake and they moved to Winnipeg where he continued with Highways and Nora as a teacher. In 1967, they moved to Gillam and he started work with Manitoba Hydro, as an inspector and later as construction supervisor. Nora continued her career in teaching at Gillam. In 1967, a son Trevor was born and in 1971, another son Kevin. In 1975, the family returned to Winnipeg where he has continued to work with Manitoba Hydro as Technical Assistant and Nora completed her degree in Education. They reside in the Fort Richmond area of Winnipeg.


Peter, was born on December 31, 1838 at Trinity, Jersey, which is one of the Channel Islands. He settled on the E.1/2 16-17-17W in the Hilltop district in the R.M. of Clanwilliam. Peter was accompanied by his wife, Emelie and five children.

He had some purebred Hereford cattle, probably his reason for going north where there was water and shelter. His animals contacted 'Hoof and Mouth' disease, which was said to be in the land there. He decided to move south and applied for a homestead near Minnedosa, in the district which was later named 'Westhope'. His land was the N.W. of 16-15-17W and he moved there with his family in 1888. He applied for and received the Patent for it on May 12, 1891. There were three other families on the same section, namely Richard Walton, John Lamont and R.G. McAree. Richard Walton was the one who suggested to call the district 'Westhope', as that was the name of the village in England from where he came.

Peter and Emelie brought their three daughters, Amy, Alice and Emily and two sons Philip and Wilfred with them. Amy married a James Robinson and Alice married Will Gray. They both moved to Minnedosa to live. The two sons returned to England. Their eldest son Peter came to Canada later and second son John remained in England. Their daughter Emily married John De Jersey in 1899 and lived at Kelwood for a short while. Her husband died in 1906. She returned with her son Roy and made her

Peter LeBoutillier Home, 1888.

home with her parents. They took an active part in communnity affairs. They, along with other residents in the district, were instrumental in having Anglican services held in the school in 1890. These continued until 1894, when a church was obtained. Mr. Holmes, who lived on N.W. 9-15-17W donated an acre of his land for the church and cemetery. Peter applied for and received patent for the S.E. of 9-15-17W on February 12, 1903 and they moved there to live.

Peter brought a porcelain cider jug with him from Jersey. His name and birthdate are inscribed on it. This is still kept in the family and is now in the posess ion of his great-grandson, Peter James. It is to be passed on to the eldest son of each generation.

Peter continued to live on the farm until his death on July 8, 1916. His wife Emelie died in September, 1917. Both are buried in the Westhope Cemetery.

After their death, his daughter Emily and her son Roy continued to operate the farm. Roy married Edith Pitt­ man in 1930 and Emily moved to Minnedosa to live and was Matron of the Restroom for several years. She died on February 11, 1954 and is also buried in the Westhope Cemetery.


by Anne Kingdon

Ingva/d Christian Lee, was born August 30, 1900, in Norway. In 1903, along with his parents, Anna and Anthony, and two brothers, they came to Canada and settled in Minnedosa. He received his education there and also for a short time at Lund School. He stayed at his grandparents who had also come with them from Norway. He was to help them learn the English language