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use more milk, but only on condition that they bring it to Brandon themselves and operate a milk route in Erickson and Minnedosa. This led to the organization of the United Milk Producers. They borrowed money and invested some of their own to purchase two trucks and hire men to operate them. From 1959 to 1966 John hauled milk to Brandon and brought the processed product back for delivery. He was occasionally relieved by Garth who was now through school. This was again a 365 day a year job until milk handling was changed to bulk tanks and tanker trucks.

Working with his sons, John first rented land and then purchased several additional quarters near at hand, as well as increasing and improving the dairy herd. With Garth and Norval remaining at home they formed a partnership in Lee-Island Farms. Later with both sons married, the farm was incorporated with their wives as partners, and John and Harriet sold their equity to the new corporation.

John's special interest has been the Co-operative movement and he served many years on the boards of the Erickson Pool Elevator, the Erickson Consumers' Co-op and the Credit Union. Harriet was a 4-H Leader for many years, first with the Garden Club and then with Clothing and Foods. She is a charter member of the Erickson Women's Institute and has a Life Membership in that organization.

The Lees were charter members of the Manitoba Farm Vacation Association. For many years Lee-Island Farms belonged to the Western Manitoba Farm Business Association. This meant computerized farm accounting with project analysis and good farm business advice. They have always been active members of their church and are charter members of the re-organized Erickson Lutheran Church.

Now with the leisure years of semi-retirement, John and Harriet have enjoyed travelling overseas and in Canada and being "Snowbirds" in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas during the winter months. The church continues to be their main source of strength and fellowship.

The family:

David In 1956 David enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. At that time he was the only student there from Erickson. As hockey was a favourite extracurricular activity through his High School years he was fortunate in having the opportunity to play goal for the Manitoba Bisons during his four years at the university. Graduating in 1960, he was employed for six years by John Deere Ltd. in Saskat­ chewan before moving to Alberta to work for Texaco Canada Inc. In 1982, he received a Certificate in Management Development from the University of Alberta.

In 1963, David married Karen Adamson of Gladstone whom he met in the Residence Choir while both were students at the U. of Man. Karen has a Bachelor of Science degree and is presently employed as a Teacher Aide at Glen Allen Elementary School. The have two sons: Brent, born in 1964 in Wynyard, Sask. and Brian, born 1967, in Edmonton. Brent is now enrolled in the Faculty of Music at McGill University in Montreal. Both

boys have had a keen interest in sports, especially Brian, who has been an active participant on many teams and considers football to be his premier sport. Sherwood Park, Alberta, is where they make their home.

The John Lee Family - 1971. David, Norval, Harriett, John, Beth, Garth and Craig.

Garth enjoyed his twelve years in the Erickson School.

He was a conscientious student and took part in track and field and other sports, earning his share of ribbons through the years. He had the dubious distinction (?) of breaking a leg in a football game when in Grade 10. After graduation in 1958 his only desire was to put his books away and help his Dad on the farm, a life he loved. His interest in sports continued and he was always active in the church, especially Luther League, and he often took carloads of young people to youth conventions and rallies. He taught Sunday School, sang in the choir, and filled in for the pastor as a lay speaker when the need arose.

In 1971 he married Beverley Taylor of Winnipeg, eldest daughter of Bill and Vera Taylor. She is a graduate of the Winnipeg Teacher's College, had taught for a time in the city and then procured a position with the Toronto Dominion Bank in downtown Winnipeg. That summer their home was added to the Lee farmstead, and handy with tools, Garth gradually did all the finishing work himself. They were also landscaping and developing an attractive yard. Two children were born to them: Melissa in 1974, and Stuart in 1978.

In July 1981 the family was involved in a tragic highway accident that took Garth's life and changed the course of their lives forever. Adjustments come gradually and life goes on. Bev and the children continued to live on the farm, until August 1983 when they moved to Winnipeg.

At the time of his death Garth was a treasurer of the Lutheran Parish, chairman of the new skating rink committee, a councillor for Ward 2 of the R.M. of Clanwilliam and a delegate of Manco Dairies.

Craig - After graduating from High School in 1959