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Donna, born 1949, also attended school in Erickson.

She was active in sports and interested in music and still enjoys both. Like her father, she was also fascinated by animals. She was active in 4-H. She took a course in Cosmetology but did not pursue. She enrolled in secretarial courses and is presently employed at the Erickson Clinic.

Donna married Lloyd Morris, son of Joe and Frances, in 1968. For eight seasons they resided at Riding Mountain National Park where Lloyd leased and managed the Esso Station. In the winter season they resided at Victoria, B.C. In 1976, they decided to make Erickson their home again and restored the family home built by her grandfather, Theodore Lee, where they now reside - the third generation to live in the house. Lloyd is employed with Erickson Consumers Co-op. They have no children.

Levi and Mary Lee.


by Evelyn Lee Johnsen

Peter, as the second son of the Lee family contributed his share of helping the family move from Minnesota and getting settled in Erickson. He and his brother Theodore, travelled in the cars of settler's effects which were unloaded in Minnedosa. On June 30, 1913, Peter married Mayme Hansen at her parents' home in Donnelly, Minnesota. Hans and Maren (Aanerud) Hansen had emigrated from Norway with their parents to that district. Here Mayme was born in 1887. She and Peter were confirmed in the same class in 1902 in the Kongsvinger Lutheran Church. While young Peter was off in Canada, Mayme worked as an accountant in Shaffey's Department Store in Valley City, North Dakota, and later as a clerk in a store in Herman, Minnesota. Peter had acquired a parcel of land - SW 9- 18-18, but probably did not farm it. He became a grain elevator operator in Erickson, sold insurance and


handled cream shipments by train to Neepawa and Rossburn for local farmers. They first lived in a small house on Main Street, later building a larger one on the same lot. In 1926 they moved to Gladstone where he operated the Manitoba Pool Elevator. In 1929, he was appointed an inspector for the company and later superintendent in the Deloraine district. In the mid 40's he was transferred to Brandon where he had fifty or more elevators under his supervision. Both Peter and Mayme were active in their church, their communities. Lodges, and the Brandon Book Club, and Mayme in the Canadian Women's Club. They had three children.

Peter and Mayme Lee with Evelyn and Donald.

Evelyn - born in 1914, baptized and confirmed in the Bethel Lutheran Church, received her education in the Erickson, Gladstone and Deloraine Schools. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics at the University of Manitoba. She worked as a dietician in the U.S.A., the last twenty-five years for Stouffer's Food Corporation in eleven different cities, mostly in the east. In 1975, she married Arnold Johnsen of Minneapolis, Minnesota, at her Aunt Cora's home in Hastings. Arnold had five children from a previous marriage (see Strand ­ Oscar and Carrie) and they now enjoy thirteen grand­ children.

Raymond - born 1916 lived only a few months.

Donald - born 1917, was baptized and confirmed in the Bethel Lutheran Church, received his education in Erickson, Gladstone and Deloraine. He then earned his B.A. at Brandon College before enlisting in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941. He served as a pilot, completing one tour, and then instructed on four-engine bombers for the Royal Air Force. He married Anita Parkinson, whom he met in England, in Brandon in 1947 with the late Walter Dinsdale as his attendant. Donald