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Winnipeg who came to teach in the Erickson Elementary School in 1966 after two years at Inglis. Norval's father was a member of the school board at the time and Joan recalls him warning her that he had a son who wanted a car and might have an eye on hers. He got it, but it took him three years!

They have three girls, Rebecca (Becky) born in 1971, Bridget in 1974 and Angela in 1975. They are all in­ terested in music and such extracurricular activities as 4H, choirs, and skating.

After Garth's death, Norval and Joan have purchased his and Bev's shares of the company, so are now sole owners of Lee-Island Farms Ltd. Norval has an active interest in the local Co-ops, and is the third generation of Lees to serve as secretary of the local Pool Elevator. He was the first president of the Rec Centre Committee. He has pursued a stamp collecting hobby since he was a child and he especially enjoys singing with the Lutheran Male Chorus. The family are members of the Erickson Lutheran Church where the children were baptized and all are involved in the church activities. Joan is presently assistant director of the Junior choir and vice-president of the E.L.C. Women.

Levi and Eileen in centre with attendants.

LEE, LEVI AND EILEEN by the Family

Levi from the time he was a small child was very fond of animals. Once he excitedly brought a nest of mice home to his mother because he now had something he could raise. Horses and sheep with the resulting colts and lambs in the spring were his special delight. He remained on the home farm, finally purchasing it from his father.

In 1942, Levi married Eileen Shewchuk of Ozerna and she added her skill as a homemaker and her love of flowers to the home. They had two children. For a few summers when fishing was excellent they operated an attractive camp on the curve of the Rolling River where it flowed through their property on Sec. 7-18-18. After many years of ill health, Eileen died suddenly in 1965. Unable to endure the loneliness of the farm, Levi applied for and got the position of caretaker of the new Erickson Elementary School, which he still holds. In 1968 he married Mary Strand, widow of his friend, the late Clifford Strand, and they reside in Erickson. Levi's hobby is clocks and he usually has someone's old treasure in the process of being repaired while Mary relaxes with handiwork. Levi has two grandchildren and Mary has five.

Ro/and, born 1946, attended school in Erickson. He was interested in sports and participated in many. He spent a few years at home after leaving school before fulfilling his ambition to become a truck driver. For a time he had his own delivery business in Brandon, Phantom Trucking, until he bought his "Big Wheel" and hauled from Winnipeg to Brandon. He is presently employed with a cementing firm in Brandon. He married Faye Johnson (see Johnson - Joe and Jennie) in 1967. Faye is employed with Woolco where she is a supervisor. They have two sons, Faron, born 1968 and Trevor, born 1971 and both attend school in Brandon where they reside.

Donna Lee

Roland Lee