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Esther was born on February 12, 1893, and educated at Spruce Hill, Minnesota. She married Albert Larson of Hatfield, Saskatchewan, on July 9, 19l3. They had five children: Ruby, Howard, Hazel, Earl and Austin. Albert passed away October, 1958, and Esther, July 12, 1982.

Hanna was born on March 15, 1895, at Spruce Hill, Minnesota and attended school there. She came to the West mount district from Foam Lake. She married Hjalmar Peterson of Spruce Hill, Minnesota on November 1, 1923, and moved to the United States. They had three children: Earl, Glenn, and Petra. Hanna passed away on July 23, 1965, and Hjalmar on October 1, 1973.

Richard "Dick" was born on September 14, 1896, at Spruce Hill, Minnesota, attended school there, and came to Foam Lake with his parents. Dick enlisted in the ar­ med forces in World War I.

He came to the Westmount area in 1915, and worked at various occupations, he was a "jack of all trades". He lived on his homestead at Onanole for a short time.

In 1926, he went to British Columbia where he worked in the sawmill industry for a few years, returning to Westmount and continuing with sawmill work. Dick passed away on April 11, 1968, and is buried at the Erickson Municipal Cemetery.

Ernest (refer to Lofgren, Ernest and Thora).


by The Family

Ernest was born on January 27, 1901, at Spruce Hill, Minnesota, son of Henry and Christine Lofgren, and came to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, with his parents in 1907. He received his education at Adam School. Ernest helped on the home farm, also in the restaurant, and was very active in sports in his early years. He came to the West mount district in 1919, to help his widowed sister, Hulda Colson. He worked at various jobs and later took over the Colson farm. He also worked on the con­ struction of No. 10 Highway. On November 20, 1933, he married Thora Emilie Bergeson at Minnedosa, Manitoba. They farmed the home farm and cared for Ernest's parents.

Ernest was a founding member of the Manitoba Pool Elevator at Erickson, and was Secretary of the West­ mount group who were instrumental in organizing the Erickson Co-op Store.

During his farming career, he was also engaged in blacksmithing, mechanics, treating sick animals, well drilling and operating a sawmill. Ernest and Thora sold the farm in 1958 and moved to a small holding on S.E. 32-17 -18W. After moving to Erickson, Ernest worked for

The Ernest Lofgren Family. Left to Right: Trent, Janet, Kurt, Raymond, Thora, Maurice Larson, Ernest, Norman, Leona, Dave Smith, Valerie Soltys, Alan Soltys, Sharon and Kenneth. Inset: Candace and Lori Lofgren, and Clayton Soltys.