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by Shirley Lundman

Clifford David, son of Gustav and Matilda Lundman was born May 31, 1930, on the home farm. He was the youngest son of a family of 8. Clifford received his Elementary education at Hilltop School. He was a member of the 4-H calf club for a number of years. He received a number of red ribbons for his showings. He was also interested in hunting and trapping and also raised mink as a hobby.

Later Clifford took a mechanics and Agriculture course in Edmonton. Upon completion, he came home to farm with his dad. During this time he also had a TD9 cat which he used to do custom working, clearing and breaking land for other people.

On November 28, 1953, he married Shirley Christopherson, oldest daughter of Fred and Elsie Christopherson. They were married in the Scandinavia Lutheran Church by Rev. Manson. This was the last marriage in that church. When Clifford's parents retired and moved to Erickson, Clifford and Shirley took over the home farm, where they farmed 1000 acres of land in grain and hay, raised purebred Hereford and registered Simmental cattle and also owned a sawmill which he operated with the help of neighbours. Clifford also owned a quarter of section in Scandinavian S.E. 7-18- 17W with a gravel pit on it. From this pit, gravel has been used for many roads in the area.

Clifford and Shirley were members of the Erickson Lutheran Church and also both enjoyed curling.

Clifford served on the Hilltop school board, a 4-H Calf Club leader of 27 years, a R.M. of Clanwilliam councillor from 1965-70, youngest Reeve of the R.M. of Clan­ william from 1971-77. He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club and Flying Club. He also obtained his private pilot's license in 1976. One of his greatest loves was to share the beauty of our area with others by taking them flying.

Shirley was a member of the Erickson Lutheran Church, E.L.C.W. group, Hilltop Women's club and the Ladies Curling Club.

Clifford and Shirley had four children: Deborah Sharon (Debbie) their only daughter was born October 1st, 1955, in the Erickson Hospital, Dr. Sirett attending. When she was a little girl she loved to be outside with her dad among the cattle. Debbie attended Hilltop school until it closed in 1966, then to Erickson Elementary and Collegiate graduating in 1973. During this time she was a member of the 4-H sewing club and 4-H calf club and snowmobile club. She was confirmed in Erickson Lutheran Bethlehem Church, was active in various sports in school.

Morley Grant their first son was born April 28, 1958, in the Erickson hospital, Dr. Sirett attending. Morley was interested in farming at an early age. He attended Hilltop school until 1966 then completed his schooling at Erickson Elementary and Collegiate. He then took an agriculture course at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Morley was an avid member of the Erickson 4- H calf club, winning many trophies for showing his animals at fairs. He was a member of the snowmobile


The Clifford Lundman Family. Morley, Debbie, Shirley, Cliff. Seated:

Randy and Larry.

club and was confirmed in Erickson Bethlehem Church, participated in various sports in school. He also loved to fly. He got his private pilot's license in 1976.

Larry Dean their second son was born August 5, 1962, Dr. Sirett attending. Larry attended Erickson Elementary and Collegiate until 1978, then attended Minnedosa Collegiate. Larry was an avid hockey player for many years, a member of the Erickson 4-H calf club, involved in many sports in school. He especially enjoys down hill skiing. During his school years, Larry worked part time at 4-10 Esso station in Minnedosa and Neilly's Texaco station in Clear Lake. He worked at Morris Rod Weeder in 1981-82. He is presently employed at Ski Valley Ski Resort in Minnedosa.

Randy Scott their third son was born April 12, 1969 in the Erickson Hospital, Dr. Donnelly attending. He at­ tended Erickson Elementary until 1978 and is presently attending Tanners Crossing in Minnedosa. Randy belonged to the Cubs in Erickson, played hockey and baseball. He presently spends his winter weekends working at Ski Valley and down hill skiing. He spends his summer at the Otter Lake Resort helping his mom and enjoying motor bike riding.

In 1971, Clifford and Shirley began a summer resort at Otter Lake for people to come and spend their weekends and holidays enjoying country living. They began with 40 lots, it has now increased to over 125 lots and is still expanding.

In 1973, Clifford was chosen Mr. Manitoba Farmer of the year (refer to Mr. Manitoba Farmer).

On August 16, 1975, Debbie married Terry Gustafson, only son of John and Leona Gustafson in the Erickson Lutheran Church (refer to Gustafson history).

Morley, eldest son of Clifford and Shirley, passed away December 20, 1977. In September, 1978, Clifford sold the farm due to ill health and moved to Minnedosa. On November 28, 1978, Clifford and Shirley celebrated their 25th Wedding anniversary by having a tea and open