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farmed and Arvid worked on Highway construction, lumber mills and also for farmers in the district.

In 1933, asker decided to return to Sweden with his family as he found it impossible to make a decent living at farming. Barley was selling for 19 cents a bushel, while the cost of threshing the grain cost 11 cents a bushel, so he had an auction sale and left Canada.

Arvid continued to work at jobs available and in 1934 married Mabel Bernson, daughter of Charles Bernson. They had two sons, Aymer and Bryne.

In the year 1936, they bought S.W. 27-17-18W, and began farming with a four horse outfit. Later they bought a Ford tractor and rented the N. 1/2 22-17 -18W. Arvid was a member of the Manitoba Pool Elevator and was with the United Milk Producers for a number of years. He continued farming until his death in 1967.

Aymer and Bryne attended the Erickson School. For transportation to school they drove their pony "King" and cutter in winter and in 1954 Bryne left for B.C. where he worked at Woodward Department Store a number of years, then on to Kamloops on a construction project. In 1970 he married Joan Gruwcutt from Calgary. Later his work brought him back to Kamloops.

Aymer and Kathleen Kingdon, a daughter of Clarence and Elsie Kingdon were married and in 1959 left for B.C. He works for Rayonier Pulp Mills at Port Alice on Vancouver Island. They have three children, Bruce, Diane and Cheryle.

Mabel moved to Erickson where she resides. She sold thefarm in 1975.


by Beatrice Warrington

Gustav was born in Petio, Sweden on September 8, 1890. He came to Canada in 1909, and made his home at Johan Magnell's. He worked on construction for many years.

In 1914, he purchased the home farm N.E. 26-17-18W.

In 1918, he married Matilda Ingeborg Manstrom from Kramfors, Augermanland, Sweden. Matilda came to Canada in 1910.

Gustav was very active in community affairs. He served on the first board of directors for the Farmers Elevator, now the Pool Elevator, was Director of the Manitoba Poultry and Dairy Coop. Also one of the beginners of the Coop store. He was Assistant leader of the first junior seed club, had an interest in 4-H clubs ever since. He enjoyed sports especially fishing.

They had eight children:

-Theodore was born August 22, 1919, and educated at Hilltop school. He was in the fifth Engineer Corp. in World War 2. Later he worked for Harper Construction and Alberta Pool Elevators and is now with Pool Construction. He married Ruth Beck of Winnipeg in May, 1945. They had two children, Janice and Laurie.

-Rodney was born January 13,1921 and went to school at Hilltop. He worked for Harper Construction and Alberta Pool Elevators. He married Isobel Giles from Hazelridge, Manitoba. They had two children, Barbara and Wayne. Isobel passed away January 18, 1974.

The Gust Lundman Family. Left to Right: Clifford, Ted, Beatrice, Lennart, Gustav, Matilda, Ainer, Thelma, Rodney and Agnes.

Rodney re-married and is now retired and living at Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

-Einer born August 28, 1922. He was educated at Hilltop school, worked for Harper construction and later working for Elevators Builders Ltd. Calgary, Alta. He then farmed W1/2 26-17-18W and did carpenter work around Erickson. He is now retired and living in Erickson.

-Thelma born December 14, 1924, educated at Hilltop school, took a stenographers course in Brandon and later worked in Winnipeg. She married Gordon Wilson of Dunneville, ant. They have two children, Garnet and Janet.

-Lennart born April 1, 1926, educated at Hilltop and high school at Erickson and Minnedosa, took an Agricultural course in Winnipeg, and later started his own feed company in Winnipeg. Married Joyce Hedberg. They had four children, Gary, Craig, Diane and Karla. He re-married later.

-Beatrice born August 2, 1928, educated at Hilltop, took a hairdressing course in Winnipeg, worked at the Coop store and later at Erickson Hardware for many years. Bea was very active in 4-H and is still active in curling. Bea married Clifford Warrington. They have three children, Darlene, Patsy and Kent. (refer to Warrington, Clifford and Beatrice).

-Clifford born May 31, 1930, married Shirley Christopherson. There were four children, Debbie, Morley, Larry and Randy. (refer to Lundman, Clifford and Shirley)

-Agnes born June 16, 1933, went to Hilltop and Erickson schools, went to Winnipeg and took a stenographer course. She married Gordon Jarvis of Dundas, ant. They have four children, Doug, Patti, Sandra and Lynn. Agnes passed away March 11, 1983.

Gustav passed away March 19, 1972. Matilda passed away November 24, 1969.

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