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December of 1963. Three and a half years later in July of 1967, a second daughter, Lori was born.

Lisa graduated from E.C.!' in 1982 and she is presently enrolled in the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Manitoba. Lisa's great interest in sports throughout grade and high school had earned her numerous medals, certificates and trophies. Her most noteworthy achievement was being able to qualify twice in the provincial badminton championships.

Lori is in grade ten at E.C.!' where she is actively involved in drama, choir, sports and "Reach for the Top". Her main interest is in the music field. Her piano playing ability has involved her in the Neepawa Fine Arts Festival and the Minnedosa Music Festival where she has earned many awards. Lori is presently completing 8th grade in the Royal Conservatory of music and completing her year two in theory. To expand her musical ability she plays the saxophone with the E.C.!' school band.

Leona, Lisa, Lori and Lorne Mackedenski.

Following Lorne's departure from the teaching profession in 1971, he was employed by the Erickson Co­ op and later Manitoba Hydro. Since 1978 he has been employed as Loans Officer with the Erickson Credit Union. Lorne has given much of his time and energy to the Lions Club, the Fair Board, Rink, Recreational Centre, Figure skating club and the Sacred Heart Church board.

Leona has taught in various schools in the surrounding area; Tales 1959-1963, Erickson Elementary 1964-1966, Erickson Collegiate 1968-1969, and Sandy Lake Elementary 1969-1978. She continues to teach at Onanole Elementary where she has worked since 1978.

Leona has also found time to earn her Bachelor of Arts in 1975 and Bachelor of Education in 1978. In 1981, Leona was selected by the Department of Education to assist in the revision of the Language Arts Curriculum for Manitoba.


by Katherine Pol/on

James MacPherson was born in Laggan, Scotland. He attended the Parochial school of Laggan and received an award for proficiency in English. His parents were of Highland stock and spoke the Gaelic language. He had five brothers and four sisters. When James was sixteen years of age, the whole family immigrated to Canada and settled in Kirkfield, Victoria County, Ontario, in 1862.

In 1878, the lure of the West called Jim and he travelled via train to Fisher Landing, then up the Red River on a scow to Winnipeg. With his never failing courage, he continued on by foot, travelling north, passing the Portage la Prairie plains, Gladstone, Neepawa, sleeping on the open prairie when ever nightfall came. Finally he reached Tanner's Crossing and homesteads were opening up to the north and he went on until his search was over. He laid claim to the east half of 19-16-17W, a short distance north and east of the village of Clanwilliam. He returned to Winnipeg Land Titles office to file claim to his homestead and preemption. He returned to the land and built a log cabin and then during part of the summer, Jim hired on with a railway con­ struction gang who were building a section of the C.P .R. along the rocky north shore of Lake Superior. Later on in that same year, Pat and John Burns (Byrnes) travelled west, when they came to Tanner's Crossing they asked if Jim MacPherson had passed by there. Mr. John Tanner said "Yes, he had gone on north", so they continued on and finally laid claim to 18-16-17W, the section south of the MacPherson homestead.

In the fall, Jim's brother Hugh came west and homesteaded the west half of 19-16-17W. Winter came and Jim's cabin was the only one complete so he invited his brother Hugh, Alex Moynes, and Pat Burns to spend the winter with him (all bachelors from Kirkfield). In the spring there was the task of clearing the land and breaking it. In 1881, Jim married Mary McDougall, a daughter of another pioneer family who immigrated from the Island of Islay, Scotland. I can remember my mother saying, she was so proud of her cabin because it had a board floor and she would scrub those boards till they shone, many of the cabins still had a dirt floor. Dances were held in the homes during the winter months and neighbours came from miles around to join in the merriment. Jim and Mary MacPherson's door was always open for any wayfares who often spent the night in their home.

James and Mary had a family of seven; four sons John (born 1882), died as a child from diptheria; Neil (1883), Kate (1886), Jim (1888), Christina (1892), Hugh (1895), and Jean (1902). Three of Jim's family married into local families. Neil married Christina MacKay, Jim married Rebecca Burgess and Hugh married Rita McBratney. Christina married George Shade and spent a good deal of their future life in Saskatchewan and still resides there. Jean married Alex Reilly and spent many years in Winnipeg, now resides at Rivers, Manitoba. Christina and Jean are the last surviving children of James and Mary McDougall. Jim had two sons, Donald and Arnold (deceased) and Hugh had one son (Hugh deceased as