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The James MacPherson Family, Left to Right: James, Jim, Kate, Hugh, Jean in front, Christina, Neil and Mary,

infant), three daughters Mary (Reynolds), Katherine (Pollon) and Islay (Henry). Kate gave her life to helping the younger children and also caring for her nieces and nephews.

James took an early part in the building of his com­ munity and with the coming of the C.P .R. to Minnedosa and later the C.N.R. to Clanwilliam, the long hauls were over and the community developed. He helped with the building of the log church, then the brick church as services had been held in both the MacPherson homes. He helped with building of the school and roads in the district, served as church manager, school trustee and on the early council.

Jim loved the land and his home and passed away in December, 1916. His wife Mary and faithful companion who pioneered through all the trials and joys, passed away in April, 1950.

Hugh married a Scottish lass as well, Mary Mcinnes, in 1891 and they farmed up until her death in 1931, when young Hugh (nephew) took over the farm. Hugh MacPherson moved to the village of Clanwilliam into a home owned by him and now owned by W. Skogstad and lived there till his death in 1938. They had no children.

James and Mary had seven children, most of them born in the original log cabin.

James, the eldest son died in the early 1880's from diptheria.

Neil, born in 1883, married Christina MacKay, 1913, daughter of an old pioneer family in the same district. He farmed some of his father's land and built a fine brick home on it and farmed until his wife died in 1945. After the war, he sold out to a nephew, Donald MacPherson, who still lives on the same farm. Neil passed away in 1965. He had been an avid curler and friend to all. There were no children.

Katherine was born in 1886, and lived with her parents till their deaths. She gave her life to looking after the younger children, was a community minded person and friend to all her nieces and nephews. She passed away in 1976 in the Personal Care Home, Minnedosa, after many


years of service to her family and community.

James was born 1888 and also took up farming at an early age. He too took up some of his father's land, adding more on his own and built a large brick home when he married his wife Rebecca Burgess, daughter of a pioneer family in the district. They had two sons, Donald, born in 1919, and Arnold in 1923. Donald married overseas in the Second War to Monica Engeldow of Northampton, England, in 1944. They have three children, Janice born in England in 1945, later in 1947 Sheila was born and Jamie in 1955. Arnold married Trudy Dynes and they lived most of their lives in B.C. where Arnold worked in the lumber industry. They have three children: Rebecca born 1957, Neil, 1958 and Leslie, 1960. Arnold passed away in 1974, and is buried at Williams Lake, B.C. in the country he loved so well.

Christina was born in 1889, and got an education and became a teacher, a profession she pursued for many years. Many of us in the district of Grey and Lakelet schools will remember her as a teacher. She taught in many other towns in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. She married George Shade in 1923. George died in 1948, and in 1952 she married Roy Smith and they lived in Saskatoon until Roy's death in 1977. Christina still resides in Saskatoon and enjoys reasonably good health. They had no children but are fondly remembered by nieces and nephews and many other children in the community.

Hugh. (refer to MacPherson, Hugh and Rita).

Jean the youngest in the James MacPherson family was born in 1902, attended business college and was employed in the City of Winnipeg. She married Alex Reilly (Dublin born) in Winnipeg in 1937. Alex was employed in working with electrical components fitted to warplanes. After the war, he went into carpentry and did his own contracting until his retirement. They retired to Rivers, Manitoba, where he died in 1980. Jean remains in their home at Rivers and is enjoying good health. They had no children but are fondly thought of by all their nieces and nephews.