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structed by them. In 1958-59, they added the major extension on to the Erickson Medical Nursing Unit in­ creasing it from a six bed Hospital. Angus continued carpentering until 1975, and later was employed in the office for Parks Canada at Clear Lake. He has since retired, again is enjoying the game of curling after an absence for several years.

Angus and Irene are members of the Erickson Lutheran church. He was an active member of the Erickson Lions Club and Chamber of Commerce.

They have two children; Blake and Elaine.

Blake Angus, born April 6, 1944, attended school at Erickson. On December 14, 1968, he married Dawn Lyne Krystal of Morris, Manitoba, and they have two children, Sean and Stephanie. Blake was a Beaver Lumber Store Manager for several years at Morris, Dauphin and Swan River. He was active in community affairs, a Lions' Club member and an enthusiastic big game hunter, some mounted on display in their home. Blake manages two Cedarwood Stores in Edmonton, Alberta. The family reside at St. Albert, Alberta.

Elaine, born April 3, 1954, attended school at Erickson. On December 1, 1973, at the Erickson Lutheran church she married Brian Lougheed, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Russel Lougheed of Elgin, Manitoba. He attended school at Deloraine and then attended Assiniboine Community College, Brandon. He then went to Shoal Lake as a Yardman for Beaver Lumber and in 1971, was transferred to Erickson as Manager. Brian was transferred back to Shoal Lake as manager where he and Elaine made their home for three and a half years. Their son Colin was born there in 1975. In 1977, Brian returned to Erickson with his family and is employed as Manager for Clarence Carter Limited, a Beaver Lumber Franchise. In 1978, a son Brett was born, and in 1983, a son Kyle was born. The family reside in Erickson, where Colin and Brett attend school. At present, Brian is a member of the executive on the Recreation Centre.


by Edna Magnell

John Waldmer Magnell was born in Sweden March 31, 1876 and died December 8, 1958.

On May 15th, 1900, he married Bernadette Louisa Carlson in Neepawa. She was born April 22nd, 1878 and came out from Sweden with her parents to the Erickson district in 1893. She died December 12, 1952.

Their son, Harold Carl, was born January 23, 1901, and died December 20, 1969. He had one son Jack born January 4, 1935. He lives at Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Jack married Dorothy Zahara September 2, 1954, and they have four children; Kenneth Carl, Patricia Marie, Cheryl Kim and Robert John.

Einar Ferdinand was born February 11, 1905. He married Lily Bergwall.

Edna Louise was born August 7, 1907, and died November 7, 1918.

Herbert John was born September 21, 1909. On June 26, 1943, he married Edna Mari Nyquist. They have one daughter, Valerie Ann, married to Terry Walter Hugh

Berna and John Magnell.

Sykes. They have two children; Chad Walter Hugh, and Jacquelyn Marie.

Wilfred Waldmer born May 14, 1911. On May 28, 1945 he married Mayme Sophia Kimmel at Vancouver. They have two children, Maureen Mayme and Jack Wilfred. Maureen married Glen Higham and they have two children. Jack married Carolyn Brown and they have three children.

Eunice Louisa Victoria was born June 24, 1925. On February 21, 1958 she married Helmer Kimmel at Vancouver. No children.

Otto Magnusson