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sponsored by the High School Students of Shoal Lake Collegiate and was well supported and won a title of "The Ice Carnival Queen".

Both Vivian and Arnold completed their High School education in Shoal Lake and then attended the University of Manitoba. In 1955, Vivian received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics. After teaching two years of Home Economics in Prince Rupert, she married Adair Moore from B.C. and they went to live in Los Angeles in 1957. In Los Angeles, Vivian was employed as a Chemist in Dio-Science Lab for over twenty years. Adair was employed by Anadex Instruments, position as director of material and purchasing. At present they are living in Pocatello, Idaho. Adair, a graduate with a degree in Electronics, is on a Faculty of Teaching staff of Pocatello, Idaho State University.

In 1958, Arnold graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Manitoba and has been on the teaching staff at Dauphin Collegiate for over twenty years. He married Jeanette Todoruk who was engaged in Secretarial work at the Health and Welfare Department in Dauphin.

Rodney, the youngest completed his high school in Erickson and then attended the University of Manitoba. He graduated with an Arts degree in 1975 and is presently employed by the Federal Government "Revenue Canada", Winnipeg.

After they sold their business in Shoal Lake, they pur­ chased a lot from L.B. Gusdal in Erickson. They built a house on this lot and retired to their new home in Erickson.

After getting more or less organized and settled in Erickson, Rose joined Erickson Women's Institute and was an active member for several years. Due to health problems, she had to lessen her activities. Harry on his part decided to do some watch repairing as a hobby and a pastime. He continued with this project for a few years. At present his hobby is violin playing which he enjoys. As a young man he played at many dances and weddings in his previous places of residence. He still takes part in an Annual Home coming celebration at Olha Hall by joining other violinists in providing dance music for the par­ ticipants. This project is sponsored by Parkland Ukrainian Pioneer Association.

In the month of May 1981, Rose and Harry celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. They were honored by their children, grandchild and relatives at the family dinner at the home of their son Arnold and daughter-in­ law Jeanette in Dauphin.


by Roy

Cecil "Roy", son of Norman and Margaret Mallett was born and educated at McAuley, Manitoba. Roy followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a Post­ master, first a clerk at McAuley, trained by his father, and then on January 25, 1951, was transferred to the Rivers Air Base as Postmaster.

In 1959 Roy married Marjorie Spiller, at Rivers.

Marjorie, the daughter of Thomas and Bertha Spiller,

was born and educated at Cardale, Manitoba.

On February 24, 1971, they moved to Erickson, where on March 3, 1971, Roy succeeded Linus Miller as Post­ master. Marge is presently employed at the Erickson Co­ op Store.


by Jessie

Frank Marcino came to Canada from Poland when he was twenty-two years old. His brother Mike Marcino helped him to come to Canada. He worked for Mike the first year, then he worked for Mr. McTavish around Newdale. He was saying that was the time for him to learn English, so when they went out seeding with Mr. McTavish, they learned alot. They had to fill so many bags of wheat so Mr. McTavish told Frank to empty the bag and he said again empty the bag so Frank put it to one side then he said again empty, so Frank put it to the other side of the wagon box so Mr. McTavish said again empty. Frank did not understand him. So Frank kept shoving this bag from one corner to another, by that time Frank got mad and he emptied the bag. So Mr. McTavish said that's it "empty the bag". So that was Frank's start to understand English.

Frank worked out among English people so he learned to talk English in no time. In 1930, he married Jessie

Frank and Jessie Marcino.