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18-17-18W from Ed. Hole.

On October 17, 1941, he married Winnifred Doan, eldest daughter of Almon and Winnifred Doan, who was born in Strathclair, Manitoba on September 8, 1915. John spent twenty years on the Westmount school board and ten years on the Rural council. He enjoyed fishing, curling and golfing. Winnifred was also active in com­ munity affairs, joined the Westmount Club, the Women's Institute and is a faithful worker at the St. Judes Catholic Church. They sold their farm in 1967 to Charles Ogibowski, and spent the winter in Brandon where John worked on construction. In 1968, they moved into Erickson and bought a house from Marland Furevick John worked for Agi-Steel and Tara Implements in Minnedosa, Earley's Pharmacy, Imperial Oil for Ernie Ullberg and for farmers in the district. They are now retired and live in their own home in Erickson. They have two daughters; Patsy and Terry. Patsy their elder daughter was born in Brandon, Manitoba on September 3, 1944. She attended school in Westmount, St. Michael's Academy, Brandon and Erickson Collegiate. She taught on a permit at Duck Bay for a year. While there she met Andre Fournier and they were married on July 11, 1964. They lived in Ontario for a few years, spent three years in Africa and now reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Patsy now has her B.A. Patsy and Andre are both teachers. They have two sons, Anton and Podrick attending school in Winnipeg and have received awards in music. Terry was born on July 5, 1949, in Minnedosa, Manitoba. She received her education at Westmount, St. Michael's Academy, Brandon and graduated from Erickson Collegiate. She worked at the Brandon Clinic and on September 14, 1968, she married Brian Paterson of Brandon. Later they sold their house in Brandon, went on a tour and then settled in Calgary in 1979. Terry works in the Personnel Department at the Hospital and Brian works for the Liquor Commission. They have twin boys:

Mark and Paul attending school in Calgary.

Steve was born December 5, 1916, in the Rackham district and moved to the Municipality of Clanwilliam in 1921 with his parents. He attended Westmount school and worked on the family farm. On May 18, 1941, he married Dora Karton, the first young couple to be married in the Erickson St. Judes Catholic Church. Dora was born at Lena, Manitoba, on August 3, 1923. In 1943, they took over the family farm. They were active in community affairs. Steve was an ardent sportsman, enjoying curling, golfing, hunting and fishing. Dora joined the Westmount Club and worked for the St. Judes Church. They sold their farm to Keith Johnston in 1957, and moved to Port Arthur, Ontario, where they bought a Variety Store from his brother Lachie. They operated this store for eight years. Steve also worked at the District Jail, Port Arthur, as a guard for twenty-two years. They retired. in 1979 because of ill health. They still live in their own home in Thunder Bay. They have three children; Karen their eldest daughter was born on the family farm April 15, 1943, she attended Westmount school, moved to Port Arthur with her family and continued her education there. She worked for the Bank of Montreal for two years and has worked for Guarantee Trust for twenty years. Karen still lives in Thunder Bay. Norma


Left to Right: John, Frank, Kay, Steve and Lachie Marcino.

was born on February 23, 1946, started her education at Westmount school and continued at Port Arthur, On­ tario. After moving there with her family, she worked for Public Utilities until she married Danny Horne. They have two children Jean and Kevin both attending school. Norma now works for a General Contractor and lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Brian was born in Minnedosa, Manitoba, on August 5, 1949, and started his education at Westmount school and continued at Port Arthur, Ontario. He worked on the Pipe Line as a welder and is now with the Iron Workers. He married Ann Viebert and they have a son Jason at­ tending school. They reside in Ware Township out of Thunder Bay.

Frank was born in the Rackham district on January 4, 1920. He received his education in Westmount, Crocus and Erickson schools. He worked at The New Store in Minnedosa, then in 1941, he joined the army and went overseas in 1942. He became Regimental Sargeant Major. After the war, he volunteered to go to Japan and was allowed a month's leave and came home, before his leave was up, Japan had surrendered. After the war, he took one year pre-med in Winnipeg. He then went to Van­ couver, B.C., where he worked for the "Pacific Stage" as a driver, tour guide and later in the office. He has been Alderman for North Vancouver for many years. In January, 1960, he married Shirley Simmons. They have two daughters; Cathy who works for a travel agency and Holly in television production, and both work in Van­ couver. Frank and Shirley are retired and live in their own home in North Vancouver.

Lachie "Marc" was born January 21, 1924, at the family farm, received his education at Westmount and Crocus schools. He worked for farmers in the district and in 1941, he joined the 12th Manitoba Dragoons. In April, 1942, he married Kathleen Garniak. They had 2 boys; Murray born in Winnipeg and Wayne born in Erickson. After the war, Lachie worked at the Erickson Co-op Service Station and was also town policeman. He then operated restaurants and variety stores and worked for John Stuart Sales, selling smallwares. He then went to Port Arthur, Ontario, and bought a Variety Store, which he later sold to his older brother Steve. He worked for the Gas Company. He then moved to Kenora, Ontario, and bought North Western Concrete business. His son Wayne is now in partnership with him. His son Murray lives at