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the Westmount school in 1912-13. Sadie then remained on S.E. 6-18-17W helping her parents until she married Albert Hanson. (refer to Hanson, Albert and Sadie).


Neil was born at Kirkfield Victoria County in Ontario in 1887, the oldest son of Lachlan and Mary Mcinnes. He moved with his parents and family to Manitoba in 1907 to S.E. 6-17-18W south of Erickson where he farmed with his father. Then he went to Daysland, Alberta, and Bowsman, Manitoba, where he worked.

He acquired N.W. 18-17-18W and farmed for several years. In 1934, Neil married a widow, Anna Bergeson, daughter of Rasmus and Ingeborg Hjelmeland of Danvers.

Neil passed away in 1963, Anna resides on the farm with her son Lloyd Bergeson.

Anna and Neil McInnes.


Thomas was born in Kirkfield, Ontario, on August 5, 1892, and attended school there. He moved to the Erickson district with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lachlan Mcinnes Sr., brothers and sisters in 1907. They brought their stock, machinery and household items by train to Clanwilliam. Duncan Mcinnes Sr., Tom's uncle, bought a quarter section of land, S.E. 7-17-18W, now the residence of Ron and Leona Mcinnes and registered it in Tom's name in 1908. Uncle Duncan was very sickly, so Tom looked after him and made his home with him until his uncle's death in 1915.

Tom worked for many farmers in the district, Wilson Greenlaw, Fred Averill, Jimmy Proven and the Crawleys.

On December 20,1916, he married Edna Londry. They

Thomas McInnes

farmed and became very active in community affairs. Tom was Trustee and Secretary of the Westmount School District for 24 years.

When Mrs. Sjogren passed away in 1924, her son Alais, 14 years old and daughter Freda, 11 years old, came to live with them. Freda was there for three years and Alais stayed and worked as a hired man for 11 years.

The first combining done on the farm was in 1935, when Mr. Wellman had moved in and had a combine. The wheat crop was badly rusted and Tom wouldn't put out any money to take it off. Mr. Wellman was to get the first six bushels per acre. They got two bins of wheat that was like bran, it was so light, so Tom bought it from him as it made good feed mixed with other grains.

Tom farmed until son Edward married in 1939, and in 1940, he went out to Vancouver, B.C. He worked for awhile at Hammond Cedar Mill, then went to work for Mr. Wilson, The Dairy Commissioner of B.C. He was general foreman of the two farms. From there he went to Vancouver Island and worked for General McRae. There he looked after the laying hens and a flock of turkeys, which were all sold to the C.P. Railroad. He then received a job at Ross and Howard Ironworks in Van­ couver and became Head Shipper. They built ship parts for the North Vancouver Shipyards. When he couldn't convince his son to move out there, he returned to the farm in 1945 and farmed there until his death in June, 1956.

Later Edna married Mark Corbett. (refer to Corbett, Mark and Edna).

Tom and Edna had one son;

Edward Lachlan was born at the farm on October 16, 1917. He attended Westmount School and worked on the farm. On July 3, 1939, he married Eileen Holmlund. They lived on the farm until 1942, when, because of illness, they rented the farm to Roy Skogstad.

When Ed recovered from surgery he started driving trucks for Cliff McMillan, hauling grain, gravel, etc., then worked for the Erickson Transfer. In 1946, he bought his own truck and worked for Commonwealth Construction, building roads. Later he did local trucking, hauling grain mostly, also gravel, ice, etc.