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In 1956, when Ed's father passed away he and Eileen moved back to the family farm and did mixed farming until 1962. At that time, again because of illness, they sold the cattle and spent the winter in Winnipeg, where Eileen worked for the T. Eaton Company. By this time Ed was taking therapy as an out-patient at the Rehabilitation Centre. In the summer he would go to the farm and with the help of his son Ron, and good hired help, kept the farm going until Ron finished university. In May, 1965, they moved back to Erickson and Eileen worked for the Erickson Consumers Co-op for over 15 years.

Ed enjoyed fishing and hunting and was active in the curling club. He still enjoys watching curling from the waiting room. Eileen belongs to the Erickson Legion Ladies' Auxiliary, enjoys curling and doing handwork, crocheting and knitting. They are retired and live in Erickson, enjoying reasonably good health and spend much of their time at the farm during the summers.

Ed and Eileen have two children; Leigh and Ron. Del/us Leigh was born at Mrs. Biczo's Nursing Home in Erickson on February 12, 1941. She attended school in Erickson. In 1959, she went to Winnipeg and worked for the Manitoba Telephone System for eight years, taking courses in Toronto and going to towns and cities to in­ struct. She left Winnipeg in 1967, to visit her girlfriend, Rhona Rogers in Ontario. While there she met Robert Chapman, who had a fly-in air service and they were married on July 27,1968. They were hired to run "Camp Clearwater" on Aylen Lake, Ontario, which included cottages, store and marina. The next day they sold their plane and franchise and bought the camp, which is now called "The Landing". They have added boat storage facilities and Bob installs and services propane appliances and services and repair outboard motors. Leigh looks after the store and cottages. There is no hydro or telephone service there. They often spend their winters at Carleton Place, where Bob works at a garage and Leigh worked at the T. Eaton Company in Ottawa. This past winter she looked after an antique shop while the owners took holidays. One winter they spent on their forty-foot trawler going down the island waterway to Miami, Florida.

Ronald Edward was born on December 29, 1947, in Minnedosa Hospital. At that time Ed and Eileen were residing in Erickson. Ron received his schooling at Westmount and Erickson until 1962, when the family moved to Winnipeg. He completed Grade 12 at St. James Collegiate. He then attended the University of Manitoba and received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1969. During these years Ron and his dad kept the farm going and expanded by buying W 1/2 16-17-18W from John Marcino and breaking 140 acres of rented land on the adjoining Rolling River Reserve. Ron also worked for one winter for the Department of Agriculture and in 1970 returned to the farm. In July, 1970, he married Leona Brownrigg of Winnipeg, whom he had met at university. Leona had received a Bachelor of Home Economics degree in 1970 and in January 1970 began teaching at Erickson Elementary School. During the following years they began raising cattle, starting with one calf in the garage, purchasing many bull calves from Lee Island


Farms and finally getting a half section of pastureland in the L.G.D. of Park to accommodate the cattle, and grow hay and cereal cash crops on the home farm. Ron has always been an avid curler and in 1982, was a Labatt Tankard Provincial Zone winner. He is presently en­ joying old-timer hockey also. Leona is presently teaching Grade 2 and enjoys various crafts and 4-H work.

Ed McInnes Family. Left to Right: Ron, Leona, Eileen, Ed, Bob and Leigh Chapman.


by Joan McInnes

Lachlan Jr., youngest son of Lachlan and Mary Mcinnes, was born on June 4, 1904, at Kirkfield, Vic­ toria County, Ontario. He received all his education at, and was one of the first pupils who attended Westmount School when built in 1912.

He remained on the home farm all his life, taking over management in 1936, and then became second-generation owner in 1941.

He married Johanna "Joan" Marie Andersen of Moline on April 14, 1933, the eldest of seven children born to Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Andersen of Moline. They were married in the United Church manse in Minnedosa by Rev. Edward Lund.

In 1962, they purchased S.W. 7-17-18W from Alvin Sjovold.

Both are members of the United Church and most recently with Onanole United Church since 1962. Joan is also a member of the United Church women's group. Each served terms on the Church Board. Lachlan and Joan served on the Westmount School Board, Joan served for 20 years, 1942 to 1962, as Secretary-Treasurer, until consolidation of the Erickson School District in 1964.

Joan was Westmount Red Cross President for four years during the Second World War, is a Charter Member of the Erickson Women's Institute, and also served for four years on the Birtle Regional District Board. She was a longtime avid curler and is now a Life Member of the Erickson Ladies' Curling Club.