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Joe and Mary encouraged their children's participation in school activities and supported Phyllis' and Valerie's involvement in 4-H, of which the girls were members for a number of years. In addition to having one of her sewing projects go on to futher competition, Phyllis won 1 st prize in her public speaking in 1967. Valerie was the champion of the 4-H gardening club for 1967 and 1969 and her public speeches went on to further competitions numerous times. One of her sewing projects also went on to further competition.

John received part of his education in Erickson. He married Mary Bergen of Winkler in 1971. They have two girls, Korena and Sheri-Mae.

Phyllis graduated from Erickson High School. She married Dennis Braschuk of Sandy Lake in 1970. They reside in Winnipeg with their two boys, Karl and Kendall.

Valerie graduated from the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute in Outlook, Saskatchewan in the spring of 1976 and from Winkler Bible Institute in Winkler, Manitoba, in April of 1978. She received business training at Robertson Secretarial School in Saskatoon, Saskat­ chewan, graduating from there in June, 1981. She resides in Saskatoon where she is employed as a secretary in a chartered accountants' firm.

Joe and Mary retired to Brandon in June, 1975.


submitted by grandson, Russell Cook

Archibald McPherson was born at Owen Sound on August 25, 1863. He grew up in Ontario and farmed there until he came west to Manitoba in the 1890's. He worked on several farms in the area namely for George Frazer, Jacksons and later Hugh MacPherson. It was at this time my grandfather bought the N.W. of 2-16-18 from Isaac Hart. In the summer he would take some time to clear and break some land on his own farm.

On December 12, 1899, he was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) McFarlane, daughter of William and Elizabeth McFarlane who at that time lived on the farm known as the Wark Place.

The young couple worked hard and were able to add two more quarter sections to their farm. Grandpa was

very fond of horses, raising many during his lifetime.

Grandma was active in Church work and the ladies' organizations.

On August 30, 1901, .their first daughter Agnes Viola was born. She attended Clanwilliam School, then finished her education at Grey School. She taught school for one year at Tales School northeast of Erickson, then for part of a year at Clanwilliam School. Viola, my mother, was a very capable horseman and we remember her telling of hauling grain at threshing time to the elevator at Clanwilliam.

Viola was married to Allan Cook. on December 14, 1920. They had nine children (see Cook - Allan and Viola).

I wonder if anyone can imagine how many pounds of potatoes she peeled or loaves of bread were baked, pounds of butter churned or just how many cakes, cookies, tarts and pies were made as well as all the other work in raising a family this size?

On June 3, 1905, a second daughter Jessie Margaret arrived. Aunt Jessie was always a quiet little girl but as she grew older became a wonderful seamstress. She was equally capable of whipping up a delicious meal. Aunt Jessie married Albert Moad on December 14, 1942. (refer to Moad, John and Ethel).

A welcome little lad named Norman Alexander was born on May 9, 1907. Uncle Norman was always special with his nieces and nephews. He has spent his entire life working on and farming the home farm. He was always fond of animals as was witnessed by his horses. He married Florence Crissler on May 14, 1949. They have a family of three boys, Phillip, Leonard and Allan.

A third little daughter was born on April 23, 1909, and was named Elizabeth Lavina (Elsie) a namesake for her mother. Aunt Elsie was a real tomboy, and loved being outdoors. She loved horses and could drive almost any horse a man could. Aunt Elsie married John Hunter on December 14, 1931. They farmed in the Erickson District until retiring to Erickson.

Two members are surviving of the McPherson family.

Grandma passed away July 23, 1928, and Grandpa in February, 1947. Two daughters Viola on April 1'1, 1963, and Elsie on September 9, 1980.


by Pax Crawley

Farquhar McRae and Tom Jury took up the first homesteads along the Town line ten miles north of Tanner's Crossing in 1878. There is a story handed down that their wives met one day in a berry patch and were surprised and pleased to find that their homes were less than a mile apart. Each thought she was the only white woman in the area. He was very keen on the school and was present at all the meetings from the first meeting to organize Lakelet School District No. 229 in January 1884. His children went to school there but only four are listed in the old register in the list of pupils for 1893 in the book "Lakelet School and Its Pioneers" by Pax Crawley. They are Isabella, Willie, Henry, and John. The first nine