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The McRae Family.

years of the records are missing, they were destroyed by vandals about 1913. The old register was a large book and only used one page a year from 1884 to 1906 the last thirteen years are in the Archives in Winnipeg. I expect the other six McRae's names are in those nine missing years.

In 1884 church services were held in the McRae home under the name of Mountain Stream Presbyterian Congregation. Mr. McAuley, missionary minister, taking the services with Andrew Cook as secretary of the Church board, Mr. McRae as secretary-treasurer of the congregation received a salary of ten dollars a year. A small lake by his farm is still known as McRae's Lake.

He later purchased Ned McQuarrie's pre-emption 1/4, the S.E. of 25-16-18W and a tale is told of that sale. In his homeland the custom was for the purchaser of a farm to buy the seller's wife a new dress. This he offered to do but was a bit surprised to receive a bill for the best dress available in Minnedosa.


by Jennie Andrew

Mike, was born on October 27, 1907, at Kosiw, Poland.

He married Mary Podruski, eldest daughter of Paul and Frances Podruski on August 28, 1937, at Chomiakowski, Poland.

They immigrated to Canada from Gdansk, Poland, and upon arrival at Liverpool, England, Mike and Mary boarded the ship Montclare. On July 21, 1938, they arrived in Quebec City where they boarded a train and proceeded west to Rackham, Manitoba.

Mike and Mary worked on the farm of Tom Warniski until Christmas 1939, and then to the farm of Mike and Frances Sawisky.

In 1941, Mike purchased S.E. 15-17-18W in the Westmount District and later purchased the N.E. 10-17- 18W.

In November, 1976, Mike and Mary purchased a home in Neepawa where they are presently residing leaving


Mike and Mary Melnyk.

their son Myron to take over the operation of the farm.

They have two children:

Myron, was born September 27, 1943, received his grade one to eight at Westmount School and completed grade nine at the Erickson Collegiate, then quit his schooling to help on the family farm, which he has com­ pletely taken over since his parents retirement.

Jennie was born in July, 1947, received grade one to eight at Westmount School and graduated from Erickson Collegiate where she was a track star for four years. In 1967, Jennie moved to Beausejour, Manitoba, where she was employed with the Royal Bank of Canada. In 1968, she married Ken Andrew, a young Airman who was based at nearby Radar Station and have since been transferred from as far as Edmonton to the lovely Island of Bermuda.

While at Mont Apica, Quebec, they were blessed with a daughter Tanya, born January 2, 1973. They served a two year stint at Portage La Prairie and another two years at Winnipeg, and then to the Island of Bermuda.

In March, 1978, a second daughter Krista was born.

Myron Melnyk