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There were five girls and four boys in their family. Tryphen Florastein - married Harvey McJannet, and lived at Flin Flon, Sudbury and Shilo. They have one son, Donald':

Albert Delmage Moad - married Jessie McPherson, and lived on their farm in the Basswood area. They adopted three children, William, and Lloyd, living in Calgary; and Donna who is married to Rick Burton and lives near Minnedosa.

Irene Ethel married John Erven of the Crocus District. Merle Hay married John Dagg and presently lives at Neepawa. They had six children: two sons living at Neepawa, one in Brandon, a daughter near Calgary. One daughter is deceased.

Bernice Iveh - married Rudolph Brautigan. They lived at Flin Flon until Rudolph passed away.

Lila Viola - and Roland Stewart were married and lived at Brookdale, Manitoba. Their two sons are both living in Calgary.

Hubert John - married Alice Newsom and lived on the original Moad farm at Clanwilliam until 1976. Their family are Daryl and Janie, both living in Calgary.

Harold Alexander - joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, and was killed over Germany in World War II.

Calvin Roy - served in the Air Force overseas in World War II, and was a prisoner of war for 19 months. He married Constance Carter, and lived on the home farm until he died in 1947.


Tom Mochnacz was born in the Municipality of Harrison on May 6, 1941. Tom was raised and educated in the farming community of Minnedosa. His career with the Royal Bank of Canada started in July, 1960, at Rivers, Man.

In September, 1965, Tom married Marieann Michaluk, born on March 20, 1945, the daughter of Nicholas and Tena Michaluk of Ethelbert, Man.

There are three children in the Mochnacz family:

Shawna Lee, born at Melita, Man. in 1968. Trenton Clark, born at Ethelbert in 1970. Amy Dawn, born at Ethelbert in 1972.

Throughout the years the family has made its home in many parts of Manitoba, as well as Northwestern On­ tario; Rivers, Ethelbert, Flin Flon, Erickson, Melita, Ethelbert, Thunder Bay, Ont., McCreary and back to Erickson again.


by Katie

Frank Morris was born May 29, 1911, on his parents' homestead in the Round Lake district of the R.M. of Harrison. He was one of a family of eight boys and three girls of Dmytro and Marie Moroz who had immigrated to Canada from Austria in 1904.

Frank received his education in a one-room school house at Round Lake. He, along with three brothers,

Katie and Frank Morris.

helped their father farm, cut logs, build a home, barn etc., and clear more land.

He was very skillful with tools, repaired most of the machinery and in 1937 with the encouragment and some financial assistance from Ted Lee, he purchased the Blacksmith shop in Erickson from Rolf Forsman. This shop was built in 1914.

Frank married Katherine Muzyka of McCreary on November 6, 1937. Katie was born in the Glenella district on March 19, 1919.

They lived in an addition to the shop until 1945, when Frank had a new home built doing the interior work himself. Frank replaced the coal-oil lamps with electric lights supplied by a gasoline engine and generator with several wet batteries. When business was slow in the winter, he worked for Chris Skovmose and another winter at the Erickson Creamery.

Frank was an active curler, and was associated with the curling and skating rinks, helping in any way he could. He had many hobbies which he shared with his sons, making Christmas yard decorations, furniture, bird houses which are in evidence today in the yard. He loved to hunt, fish and trap and snowmobile.

Frank passed away October 12, 1979, and is buried in the Sacred Heart Cemetery at Erickson.

Katie kept boarders for a time, worked for Holdens and Don Lee at Clear Lake, Wally's Cafe for Wally and Edith Townley and seven years for Henry and Helen Oshust. She has curled, enjoys knitting, crocheting and fancy work and is a member of the Sacred Heart Ladies Group. Katie remained in the home that she and Frank shared but the shop was dismantled in May, 1982.

Frank and Katie were blessed with four children who attended school at Erickson.

Marcia Marlene, born August 23, 1939, at the General Hospital in Winnipeg. She received Practical Nurses training at the St. Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg. Marcia married Edward Oshust. (refer to Oshust, Leon and Sophie).

Elwood Almond, born March 19, 1941, at home in Erickson. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.