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Frank, Ellwood, Katie, Robert and Marcia Morris.

On November 9, 1963, Elwood married Joyce Mayor, daughter of John and Kay Mayor of the Crawford Park area. They resided in Montreal for sixteen years and the last four years in the Toronto area. They have three children:

Jordan, born January 4, 1965, Laura, born May 26, 1967, and Kristine, born May 30, 1969.

Frank Ronald (Jr.), born January 12, 1943, at the Grace Hospital, Winnipeg. He received an Accounting Course at Red River Community College in Winnipeg and has since been employed and resides in Winnipeg.

Robert Warren, born April 22, 1945, at Minnedosa Hospital. He enrolled at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon where he received a Welding Course. On August 12, 1967, Robert married Caralle Oman who was teaching school in Erickson. They have a daughter, Shannon, born September 7, 1974, and a son Ryan, born December 15, 1975. The family makes their home at Trail, British Columbia.


by Mike Moroz

My parents Nicholas and Maggie Moroz and two daughters; Cassie, Tennie and mom's mother, Annie Chastko, came to Canada from Bilia-PotKit in 1906. They came by boat to Halifax and then moved to their homestead by Round Lake, Manitoba (S.W. 3-18-19W). Grandmother Chastko lived with us till her death in 1939, at Christmas. Brother Jack was born in 1909. I, Michael, (Moroz) was born December 24, 1910. Brother Martin was born in 1913, sister Rose was born in 1915.

Being born on my parents' homestead, I lived there all my childhood. At the age of six, I attended Round Lake School. My father passed away at the age of 37 in the winter of 1915 when I was five years old. Mother remarried February 2, 1917, to Peter Skakivitch. We then moved to Clanwilliam in 1922 for one year and I attended


Clanwilliam school. When I was thirteen years old, we moved back to the Ozerna district and attended Frazer School. After finishing school, I worked for Peter Pros ken at seeding time. Then I worked for Neelin Macdonald of Basswood for ten months in 1924. Being only fourteen years old at the time, they treated me as one of their own children. I was asked to eat whenever I was hungry. They told me I was growing so I needed to eat often. In the summer, my salary was $25.00 a month and in the winter $8.00. I looked after thirty head of cattle. On Sunday, I'd come home to be with my parents. I either walked or used Macdonald's Shetland pony or bike to come home. Every Sunday around 4 P.M., when I left to go back to work, the Shetland would always try to buck me off as her colt was left at home. In 1926, I worked for Jack Potts, a bachelor, west of Cameron school, for harvest, stooking and cooking meals. In 1927- 28 I helped at home. I worked for Jim Milne of Newdale in 1929. This same year, I bought a Model T for $150. I moved with my parents to Birtle in 1930 and worked for farmers around there. In 1932, we moved to the village of Rackham. To make a living, my stepfather, my brothers and I cut cord wood. When the Turkey Trail was being built, I worked as cook for three months and then cut scrub and other things, preparing for the road. I used to walk thirteen miles to work everyday, getting up at 3 A.M. to be ready for work at 8 A.M. In 1936, I worked on the farm for Walter Andreychuk and in 1938-39 did farm work for Frank Chastko. On October 15, 1939, I married Jessie Goletz, daughter of Peter and Annie Goletz from Onanole, Manitoba. We were married at the Sandy Lake Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church. Officiating priest was Father Gregory. The reception was at my parents' place and the dancing took place at my brother-in-law's house (Jack and Tennie Gregorash). Alex Moroz and Nich Storzuk supplied the music. We lived for two weeks with my parents. Then we moved to my brother-in-law's house (Gregorash) for the winter. In the spring of 1940, my wife and I worked on the farm for Jim Zahara, 1 1/2 miles east of Rackham. God blessed us with one daughter, Sylvia Ann, born on July 26, 1940, on the Zahara farm N.E. 17-18-19 with Dr. Rutledge at­ tending. We moved to my wife's parents for the winter. In 1941, Lachlan McInnes of Erickson was looking for help, when we met, he asked who wanted a job and I accepted, he then told his wife I'll hire Mike as he looks so good in my eyes.

In the fall of 1941, I bought a small house from Frank Andreychuk for $150. and moved the house to Rackham. I worked for farmers around Rackham and in 1944, I worked at Minnedosa in the railroad yards for one summer. Then I worked for the Gushulak family off and on.

Harry Morris, Paul Zariwny and I built an addition to the Frazer school.

In 1947, I started working as a carpenter's helper building the Erickson Bank with George Bergman. In 1948, I helped Art Nylen build Harry Paulsen's house at Erickson. From then on till 1954, I worked alone on odd carpentry jobs. In this time I also worked with Harry Morris at Clear Lake, at Ernie Gusdal's, building cabins. In 1952, I was shovelling gravel for the good roads when