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spent the summer months visiting William's homeland, Ireland. A son, John was born in March, 1930, and Raymond in 1932. Dagny remained at home, caring for the boys, and was an avid curler, winning events in the Ladies' Bonspiel in Winnipeg. On October 14, 1949, tragedy struck, William was killed in a car pedestrian accident. Dagny and sons continued living in Winnipeg. Their two sons:

John Nelson, born March 18, 1930, attended Victory and Centennial schools in Winnipeg. John always had a hobby of repairing radios, Albin Gustafson encouraged him to come to Erickson and start a Sales and Service Radio Shop. He set up a shop at Erickson Transfer and in his spare time unloaded freight for Albin. Later, John had a shop in Minnedosa known as Gingles' Radio, T.V. Sales and Service and then to Dauphin known as North West Radio and T.V. Over the years John enjoyed playing the piano. He married Frances Clark of Clan­ william and they had three sons. Kenneth is presently in Winnipeg taking a Drafting Course. Gordon, works and resides in Winnipeg, Alan resides in British Columbia and manages a Theatre chain. John passed away November 27, 1977. Frances has now remarried and resides in British Columbia.

William "Raymond", born August 23, 1932, attended Victory and Centennial schools in Winnipeg. He received his private, commercial and Transport flying licence and then was a pilot for the Maritime Central Airlines patrolling the Dew Line. He later was a private Pilot for an Executive in the United States until the Company was dissolved. Raymond returned to the Maritimes, Monc­ ton, New Brunswick, where he is a Superintendent of Airways for the Ministry of Transport. In 1963, he played third for Tom Minx, representing New Brunswick at the Brier in Brandon, Manitoba. Raymond married Barbara Michelles, and they have three children; Heather Dagny, a Physiotherapist at the local hospital, Holly Vera, employed at a local T. V. station, Erik, is presently enrolled at the University of Fredricton, N .B.

On March 15, 1952, Dagny married Axel Nielsen. In 1955, they left Winnipeg and purchased S.E. 25-18-19W in the Rural Municipality of Harrison, where they farmed until 1962. Axel and Dagny retired to Erickson and then in 1973 to Minnedosa, Manitoba. They were the first residents in the Town View Manor where they presently reside.

Martina Marie, born January 4, 1906, on N.W. 8-16- 17W and attended Grey School at Clanwilliam. She worked in Winnipeg and in 1931, she returned home to help her mother. On January 4, 1932, Martina married Chris Skovmose. (refer to Skovmose; Chris and Mar­ tina).

Arthur (refer to Neilson, Arthur and Martha). Otto Valdemar (refer to Neilson, Otto and Lillian).


by the Family

Marinus was born in 1894 on S.E. 22-17-17W in the Lund School District, the eldest son and second child of Daniel and Bodil Neilson. The family moved to a farm


The Marinus Neilson Family. Standing: Ethel, Maurice. Sitting: Mabel and Marinus.

east of Clanwilliam in 1900. As a young man Marinus worked in the district drilling wells and as a mechanic in Pedersen's Garage in Clanwilliam. In 1919, on New Year's Eve he married Mabel Sande in Bowsman. They had two children, Ethel, born in 1920, and Maurice in 1925, in Clanwilliam.

In 1929 they moved to Erickson where Marinus purchased the "Erickson Garage" from Ida Anderson and operated it until 1945 when he sold the business to his brother Theodore. For a while he and Ethel operated the Erickson Hardware Store. He purchased farmland from Wyman Miller and Fred Ostrom and farmed for about ten years.

It is on his land that the airstrip "Neilson Field" is located. The village purchased land from him and on this the Erickson Collegiate, the Recreation Centre, the new skating rink and the sports grounds are located. These Centennial Grounds were the community project of 1967 when Canada observed its l00th birthday.

Marinus and Mabel were enthusiastic curlers and instrumental in the organization and construction of the first curling rink. After the incorporation of Erickson as a village Marinus served as a councillor for a number of years. Many were the camping and fishing trips they enjoyed together as well. As former members of Im­ manuel Church in Clanwilliam, on their move to Erickson they transferred membership to the sister church, Bethel, in Danvers. Ethel and Maurice were confirmed there. Later they joined the new congregation, Erickson Lutheran, where Mabel is still an active member. She was involved in the organization of the Women's Institute, is a charter member and was presented with a Life Membership at its 25th anniversary. She has always been a generous supporter of its various projects.

Mabel's hobbies have been gardening and handicrafts