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and these developed into still another hobby, that of exhibiting at fairs. She has been a consistent winner at exhibitions from our local County Fair, throughout the province and at the Canadian National Exhibition in Vancouver. She was the first winner of the Tolton trophy at the Provincial Exhibition in Brandon. This is an an­ nual award given to the person who earns the highest number of points in the homecraft section. She had twenty-one first prizes, ten seconds, nine thirds and one fourth in crafts, baking and canning. She also became a competent judge under the Extension Service of the Manitoba Department of Agriculture.

With her green thumb ability her yard was always a mass of flowers and wherever she lived she planted trees.

Ethel graduated as a Registered Nurse from the Portage la Prairie General Hospital. She married Arthur Sloane and they had two sons, Barry and Blair. In 1970 she returned to Erickson and was employed in the local hospital.

Barry after obtaining his B.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering spent one year in Saudi Arabia working for the Aramco Natural Gas Co. as a project engineer in their gas gathering program. He is now employed with Sherritt-Gordon in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. He purchased the business, Danceland, at Wasagaming and during the summer commutes between the two. He is a licenced pilot and flies his own plane.

Blair, after his graduation from Erickson Collegiate, completed his B.A. and B.Ed. at the University of Manitoba. He is presently teaching school in Jasper, Alberta, where he is ideally located for enjoying his love of skiing. He returns each summer to their cottage at Wasagaming and both boys visit their grandmother regularly.

Barry and Blair Sloane.

Maurice, the Neilson's only son, was four years old when the family moved to Erickson. Therefore all his school years were spent there. On graduation, World War Two was raging and Maurice enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force. With very little training in the

W.E.T. program he was sent overseas and served on several missions as a Navigator. He was reported missing in action in April, 1945, three weeks before the end of the war in Europe. The Province of Manitoba named lakes in honour of those who lost their lives in service. Neilson Lake is located near the Ontario border in Northeastern Manitoba.

Marinus passed away in August, 1969, and Ethel in September, 1973. They are buried in the Erickson Municipal Cemetery. In spite of failing health Mabel still does craft work and is a member of the Perky Pioneers.


by the Family

There are many points in a life when one can say, "This is the beginning." For Theodore the first was September 11, 1900, when he was born, the second son of Daniel and Bodil Neilson in their log home on N.W. 8-16- 17W while it was still part of the R.M. of Clanwilliam. His school years were spent at Grey School and he was confirmed in the Immanuel Lutheran Church which was located in the country at that time. About 1918 he was employed by the C.P. Railway on the run between Minnedosa and Bredenbury, Saskatchewan, for some time as a brakeman. He was always home at threshing time, to work as separator man for the Gaar Scott-Red River outfit his father owned.

After the threshing season in the fall of 1922, Ted, accompanied by Oliver Krog and Harold Sande, left for B.C. to look for work. Their travels took them to Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg, Alberta. Finding no work they walked on the railroad track until they reached the Edmonton-Jasper CNR line. Then riding the train they stopped at Giscome, just east of Prince George where they were hired by the Hutton Sinclair Mills. During these years he had taken a course in masonry work which equipped him for the years ahead when stone work and construction became his trade. He first came to Erickson with his brother, Marinus, in 1929 to be a mechanic in his garage.

In 1933, Ted married Ethel Anderson, daughter of John and Bertha Anderson. Ethel was born on her grand­ parents' homestead on S.E. 24-18-18W in October, 1913. Her school years were spent at Tales and Erickson and she was confirmed in the Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Erickson. Until her marriage she assisted at home by either keeping house in town for school children or cooking for her father's work crews at Clear Lake. They first made their home in Wasagaming but through the years alternated between there and Erickson as residency in the park often was changed by government policy. (Municipal reference.)

Ethel was leader of the group instrumental in organizing the Erickson Women's Institute, is a charter member, served on the first executive and for many more terms as well. She was also a district board member. At the organization's 25th Anniversary she was given a Life Membership. She served on the Erickson School Board, acting as chairman for thirteen years. It was during this time that the board agreed to be one of the five pilot