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elevator. Albert took part in all community affairs. He and a number of men cleared off a space for a rink on the lake where they played hockey and the young folks had an enjoyable time skating. For the first few years there was just a bonfire on the ice where the skaters put on their skates and warmed themselves but later a bin was pulled down on to the ice and used as a dressing room.

Albert bought S.E. 5-18-18W from Chris Neilson in 1915 and moved to the farm in 1917. Every fall the cellar was filled with Tommy sweet, Russet and spice apples shipped in by the carload from Ontario. Albert was a foreman on road work, councillor of Ward 4, then reeve of the R.M. of Clanwilliam. He was also a trustee of the Erickson School District. He built a new home on the farm in 1939 and put a Delco Lighting Plant in it. It was something to have electric lights on the farm in those days. Albert passed away in June, 1942 and Jessie in 1963.

Albert and Jessie had four children. All attended the Erickson School. Lilly worked in the Municipal Office in Erickson. She started working for H.G. Mutch from 1924-29 and then for J.M. Carmichael until 1931. She became Secretary-Treasurer of the R.M. of Clanwilliam and worked until 1941.

In June, 1937, Lilly married Albin Paulsen (refer Paulsen History).

Pearl married Edwin Hall in December, 1931 (refer to Hall History).

Bertha married Ragner Bergeson in 1939 (refer to Bergeson, Ragnar and Bertha).

Lloyd attended Oak Grove Lutheran High School in Fargo, North Dakota for two years. He took singing lessons and went on tour with the school choir in both 1946 and 1947. He married Doreen Hughes and they have five children, Kevin and Lisa of Vancouver, B.C., Heather of White Rock, B.C., Valerie of Surrey, B.C. and Perry still at home living with his mother in Surrey, B.C. Lloyd and Doreen are divorced and both have remarried. Lloyd is now living in California.

The Albert North Family. Back Row, Left to Right: Bertha, Lilly, Pearl. Seated: Albert, Lloyd and Jessie.


by daughter Harriet Martin

Robert "George" was born February 9, 188'0, was raised at Galt, Ontario, and came west to Manitoba. On January 6, 1904, George married Margaret Amelia (Millie) Lawford, settling in the Cordova district. Millie was born December 24, 1878, in Teeswater, township of Huron, Ontario, and came West to the Spring Hill district with her parents in 1898. She worked at a boarding house in Franklin. Having a difficult time to get established, George and Millie moved to several places around Franklin, Erickson, and Carberry. George was a carpenter by trade and also worked on the railway while living at Franklin. George passed away December 12, 1943.

Millie passed away March 22, 1978.

They had ten children and most of them attended school at Erickson.

Thomas George, born November 16, 1904, and as a result of a farm accident, he passed away September I, 1924.

Margaret "Hazel", born July 17, 1906, married Richard Taylor, born July 21, 1892. Their two children are:

Glen Malcolm, born December 8, 1933, married Ann Kennedy at Wellwood, Manitoba, on August 11, 1956. Ann was born December 4, 1932. Glen and Ann's three children are Kelly Roy, born December 11, 1958, Karen Maureen born August 8, 1957, and Kimberly Ann born July 27,1960.

Jean Marie, born March 21, 1940, married John Leffler on December 23, 1974, and live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Mary Ella Mae, born May 31, 1909, on 6-15-16 in the Franklin district. She became a school teacher and later married Alfred Thoren. (refer to Thoren, Alfred and Mary).

Harriet Winnifred "Hattie", born March 8, 1911, and was employed until she married Thomas Henry Martin on October 25, 1933. He was born December 23, 1904. They farmed in the Oberon district for 32 years. Tommy and Harriet moved to Neepawa in 1965 leaving the farm for their son, Vincent, to operate.

Mona Winnifred, their daughter was born August 21, 1937, she married Clifford Thomas Nelson on August 7, 1961. They have two girls, Melanie Lynne and Carla Dawn Winnifred.

Vincent Thomas, married Linda Arlene McLaughlin of Neepawa on August 7, 1961. Their children are, Thomas James, born February 2, 1962, Darin Myles, born January 1,1965, and Shawna Leah, born July 9, 1967.

Violet Elsie, born October 6, 1912, and married Joseph Wesley Sinclair on January 27, 1938. Joseph was born September 9, 1902. They farmed in Saskatchewan, then to the Ingelow district in Manitoba until they retired to Brandon. They had two children:

Louise Josephine, their daughter was born September 19, 1941, she married Dennis Bernard Hume on March 5, 1961. Dennis was born August 28, 1935. Their three children are Karen Louise, born June 5, 1962, Katherine Denise born June 14, 1964, Joanne Jeanette, born