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February 7, 1966.

Russell Wesley, born April 8, 1945, married Irene Kate Watson, August 29, 1969. Russell was born July 20, 1950. They have two sons, Robert Wesley born October 13, 1973, and Walter Evan born June 27, 1975.

Ida Florence, born August 30, 1914, married Ralph Edward Graham on November 16, 1940. Ralph, born July 13, 1910. They farmed in the Oberon and Brookdale district. The Grahams had to leave the farm for health reasons, moved to Brookdale, Manitoba, where operated a garage and implement business from 1949-1952. They moved to the Oakdale district in August, 1952, where their five children attended school. They have since retired to Neepawa.

Stella Raphena, born October 2, 1945, married Jacob Kehler on May 7, 1966. Jacob, born October 31, 1944. They reside in Winnipeg where their three children were born. Dianna Lynne, born August 12, 1967. Gerald Jacob, born September 26, 1976, and Janine Leanne born January 26, 1977.

Judy Maureen, born October 9, 1948, married David John Colin Jamieson. He was born July 11, 1947. Their three children are, Katherine Lynne, born June 17, 1969, David John, born November 14, 1973, and Scott Wayne, born September 19, 1974.

Rhonda Mildred, born February 6, 1950. She lived in Inuvik for four years and Yellowknife North West Territories for the past ten years.

Linda Dianne, born July 9, 1952, married Randy William Harry Tyack, born April 18, 1951. Their children are, Candace Lea, born January 2, 1972 and Christopher Randy, born January 11, 1975.

Barbara Jean, born November 20, 1954, a psychiatric nurse in Winnipeg.

Fredrick John, born April 7, 1916, married Vivian Mary Jones of Brookdale on October 19, 1940. Vivian was born July 12, 1920. He spent some time in the Air Force during World War II. They have two children which are:

Brian John Arlo born October 5, 1943, married June Eileen Balsillie, born February 2, 1943. They have two children, Dana Marie, born June 18, 1964 and Darin Thomas, born June 19, 1965.

Sandra Colleen, born January 30, 1950, married Gerald Adolph Weselowski, born February 7, 1950. They have two children, Tia Dawn, born October 28, 1968, and Jay A lynn, born March 26, 1974.

Alfred James, born November 23, 1917, spent some time with the Armed Forces overseas and on returning home, married Winnijred Seaborn of Mentmore on October 16, 1948. Winnifred, was born December 13, 1920. They have three children.

Bruce Edwin, born September 25, 1951, married Helen Marie Quinn of Wellwood in 1980. Helen was born April 13, 1961. They have two children, Linda Elizabeth, born November 7,1980, and Trevor Murray, born January 17, 1982.

Heather Mae, born January 2, 1957, married James Eric Raymond Cook on August 20, 1977. James was born, March 13, 1957. They have two children, Glen Ryan, born August 14, 1979, and Charlene Patricia, born December 7,1981.


The George North Family. Standing: Hazel, George, Sam. Middle Row: Millie, Alfred on lap, Mary, Harriet, Violet. Front Row: Fred and Ida. Insert: Anna and Ada.

Maureen Ruth, born January 31, 1958, and is nursing in Winnipeg.

Ada Amelia, born January 27, 1919, at Pleasant Point, Manitoba, and at the age of one year, she moved with the Norths to Erickson where she attended school. In January, 1941, Ada joined the R.C.A.F. and served for three years. On April 6, 1944, she married Claude William Fiskel, born September 5, 1921. They farmed in the Wellwood district for five years, William has since worked with the Pipe Line. They reside at Sylvan Lake, Alberta, and have a family of four children.

Faye Winnifred, born March 4, 1945, married Terrence Milton Green on July 1, 1966. Terrance was born June 4, 1940. They have two children Tracy Faye, born June 12,1974, and Tina Lee, born April 20, 1976.

Gail Claudia, born March 25, 1948, married David Novick in 1969. David was born March 23, 1947, they reside at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their two sons, Jonathon Edward, born January 29, 1970, and Darren Jay, born November 6, 1974.

Terry Edgar, born February 22, 1950, married Brenda Mahoney, August 17, 1972. They reside at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and have since divorced.

Colleen Verna, born June 22, 1963, married Richard Walter Stanley, in 1979, he was born July 6, 1960. Their daughter Maylea Karena, born June 3, 1980. Colleen and Richard have since divorced.

Annie Marion, born April 25, 1921, married Victor