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David, Terrance and Richard. They purchased N.E. 24- and S.E. 25-1S-1SW and they operated the mixed farm for a number of years. Their two oldest children attended Otter Lake school prior to the family's move to Min­ nedosa where he established Nylen Construction. Donald was killed in a car accident in August, 1966.

John Alfred, born March 17, 1920, served overseas with the R.C.H.A. first field regiment during World War 2. Upon his return he married Della Holm and purchased S.E. 15-1S-1SW, a farm he operated until his retirement in 1975. They had four children Garry Wayne (born April 20, 1946), Judith Gail (July 2, 1947), Edward (Ted) Garth (June 12, 1952) and Margaret (Peggy) Sharon Louise (September 20, 1954).

Arthur William, born June 10, 1921 is now the only member of the Fred Nylen family still farming and residing in the R.M. of Clanwilliam. Shortly after his arrival in the Scandinavia district he worked at various places which included the Scandinavia Fur Farms and the Stan Ericson dairy in Minnedosa. As a carpenter with J .E. Johnson in Minnedosa he learned the trade which has in more recent years taken him to all parts of Manitoba and the prairie provinces with Penner Con­ struction.

During 1946 he purchased S.W. 15 and N.W. 1O-1S­ ISW and began farming on his own. In 1947, he married Stella Paulsen whose grandfather and uncle (Hjelmeland) had owned their farm. His first sawmill purchased in the 1940's was run by a 25 hp Case steam engine. Together with his brother-in-law, Richard Paulsen, he purchased the Surovy sawmill in 1965 and it continues to saw thousands of board feet of lumber yearly. Early in his farming career Art purchased the first sprayer in the district north of Erickson, mounted it on his V A Case and did custom spraying for several neighbours. He recalls one time while stuck in a low spot Alf Thoren pulled the spraying outfit out with his team of big bay horses.

Art and Stella have three children, Reg (born Sep­ tember 11, 1945), Jim (born April 2S, 1951) and Marie (born August 12, 1954), whose histories are written in the Paulsen section of this book. Today, both sons continue to assist them in operating the family farm as well as their own. Reg is the present owner of the Fred Nylen farm S.W.24-1S-1SW.

Leslie Gordon, born October 27, 1923, served in the Royal Navy during World War 2. He married Verna Strahl of Minnedosa and they farmed the E 1/2 of 22-1S­ ISW. They later moved to Dryden, Ontario where he was employed in the pulp and paper mill for several years. They had a family of six children Dennis, Gordon, Boyd, Colleen, Kevin and Anita. Dennis was killed in a car accident in August 1966. Les and Verna presently reside in Allan, Saskatchewan.

Florence Viola, born June 2, 1925, married Walter Holm in October 1947 and lived on their farm S.E. 3-18- 18W with their family of three children until her death in \969. (refer to the Holm section in this book).

Kenneth Robert, born December 19, 1930, married Joan Metcalfe in 1958, daughter of local residents, Art and Joan Metcalfe. Ken and Joan moved to Dryden, Ontario to work in the pulp and paper mill but returned


in 1966 to farm the Fred Nylen and the Metcalfe farms. In 1969, they returned to Dryden where they still reside. They had three children, Keith Frederick (born April 7, 1959), Larry Arthur (born November 11, 1961) and Linda Ruth (born August 13, 1967). Linda passed away suddenly in May 19S2 from a serious illness.

We wish to dedicate this history to the memory of our mother and father who gave us the opportunity to live and raise our families in the R.M. of Clanwilliam.


In 1947, Arthur married Stella Paulsen. Arthur had acquired the farm which was originally owned by Stella's grandfather and uncle. They have three children. The children attended Otter Lake School until it closed in 1962. On some of the rough days of winter, tran­ sportation to school came by way of Reg Phillip's horse drawn van or Arthur's team and hayrack. All three of the children were involved in 4-H and the boys in cubs and scouts during their school years.

Reg obtained his Bachelor of Science degree and later became a Chartered Accountant. He married Sharon Zatylny, a lab technologist, and after living and working in Winnipeg for five years, they moved to Erickson. They bought their Uncle John Nylen's farm which they operate. Reg has his C.A. office in Erickson, being the old Erickson Post Office, which he renovated in 1980. Sharon works as a bookkeeper and secretary in the of­ fice. They have two children; Cindy and Dean.

Jim, after high school, retained his interest in farming.

He purchased the N.E. 33-17-1SW from his Uncle Albin and Aunt Lilly. In 1974, Jim married Janet Hanson of Brandon and continued living there until they built and moved to their new house on the home quarter to be near the cattle operation. Jan is Secretary-Treasurer of the Rural Municipality of Clan william and Village of

Back Row: Larry and Marie Zatylny, Jan and Jim Nylen, Sharon and Reg Nylen. Centre Row: Scott Zatylny, Dean Nylen. Front Row: Jamie, Stella Nylen, Marsha Zatylny, Cindy Nylen, Arthur, Tracy Nylen.