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continued until he retired in 1977 with 39 years of service.

Fred married Norma Sharpe of Minnedosa in 1947.

They had one son, Norman. Norma passed away in 1950. Later Fred married Jean McIlmeyle of Oxbow, Saskatchewan. They have one daughter Sandra. Norman married Brenda Harper of Neepawa and have one daughter, Lisa Marie. They live in Winnipeg. Sandra married James Borley of Rapid City and have two children, Benjamin and Andrew.

There have been many good times and many sad ones.

I am thankful for early pioneers who endured many hardships so that we might enjoy conditions as they are today.


Minnie and Ludwig Oberg.

Anne, Bill and Agnes Oberg.

Ludwig Oberg was another Swedish immigrant to reach Scandinavia in its developing years. He had two sisters, Mrs. Mathilda Larson and Mrs. Anna Elliott


(Minnedosa) and two brothers, Oscar and Per, who were also early settlers. He married Minnie Forsman, only daughter of John and Anna Forsman. In 1909 he had purchased S.W. 22-18-17W, and in 1910 he filed for homestead entry on N.W. 21-18-17W. He built his first house on this property in the spring of 1915, taking up residence there with his wife and three children that year. Minnie passed away while still young. Ludwig operated sawmills and shingle mills in different locations.

Their children are Anne Gordon, Minnedosa, Agnes Harrington Land, Langley, B.C. and Bill of Victoria, B.C.


by He/en Stattin

My father Roman was born in 1870, and Mother in August 22, 1879, in the Ukraine.

They were married on November 22, 1897, and in 1899 they emigrated to Canada with Roman's parents Harry and Katherine 01eniuk, their son Nicholas, daughter Annie who had married Andrew Procak and their son Metro from Zywachin Poviat, Horodenka, Ukraine. They travelled by train to Winnipeg and on to Shoal Lake, then to Olha, Manitoba, where they lived for two years. In 1902, my father Roman homesteaded N. W. 20- 17-1SW. Their first home was a dug-out in the side of a hill. Later a large log-house was built.

Katherine and Harry Oleniuk.

The grandparents remained in Olha, later moved to Erickson and my dad built a second log house.

The flu epidemic in 1918 caused many to lose their loved ones. Grandpa Harry died at this time, he was buried at Seech, Manitoba. Grandma then moved in with us and she passed away on June 7, 1922. She was buried at Mountain Road cemetery.

In 1920, my father Roman died, leaving mother with ten children. Wes then 16, helped mother raise the children and run the farm. Father's brother, Nicholas, a barber, had a barbershop in Erickson for some time. They moved to Oak burn and later to Kelowna, B.C., where both passed away.

My father and mother were members of the Mountain