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spending the summer of 1970 at Repulse Bay, N.W.T., also worked in the Arctic Circle. For the last ten years he has made his home at Pine Falls, Manitoba working in the repair shop for Abitibi-Pulp and Paper Mills. He married Noella Lavaine in May of 1975. They have three children, Michael, Kevin and Tammy Lunn. As a sideline Forrest leases a lake and grows wild rice.

Gary started out on his own by working for a farmer at Eden for two summers. Then he took a job with Bayes Implements, Minnedosa in February of 1973 and has continued working with Fred's sons, George and Bob in their business known as Bayes Equipment. He also took over his father's farm in 1977. He married Louise Halliday, October, 1974, and they have two sons, Dwayne and Douglas. They make their home on the farm.

Louise was active in 4-H projects such as sewing and cooking extra to her schoolwork. She worked at Fort McMurray, Alberta for a short time. She married Adam Prokopchuk in August, 1976. They have a daughter Erin and a son Chad. They live at Onanole, Manitoba.

Einer Willard Oman (1917- ) grew up on his

father's farm and attended school at Lakelet (R.M. of Minto) and Hilltop. He, like his brother John worked long and faithfully at whatever work was at hand on the farm. He farmed with his father until the farm was sold in 1980. He continued to care for his father until July of 1982 at which time Edwin moved into the Minnedosa Personal Care Home. Einer bought a house in Min­ nedosa at 139 - 4th Avenue N.E. in July of 1982 where he presently resides.

Edna Wilhelmina Oman (Sjoberg 1923) was born January 2, 1923. She grew up on the farm and attended school at Hilltop, Lakelet and Grey (Clanwilliam). She lived at home until her marriage to Lawrence Sjoberg on October 25, 1952. Prior to her marriage, Edna spent a winter working at McQuarrie's Store in Clanwilliam. She grew up going to church at Scandinavia Lutheran Church and was active in Sunday School, Luther League and was a regular church attendant there. Later when Erickson Lutheran and Danvers merged, Edna along with husband Lawrence became charter members of the new E.L.C. Church. Edna and Lawrence have two children, a son David (1953) and a daughter Donna (1956) and one granddaughter Katherine Dianne Sjoberg (1982). (refer Sjoberg history). The past eight years has found Edna working as a dietary aide at Minnedosa Hospital and Personal Care Home.


by the Family

Leon, son of John and Frances Oshust, was born February 18, 1900, in the Mink Creek District, Manitoba. Leon's father, John immigrated to Canada in 1898 from Loziwka, Poland. Frances and her parents, Jacob and Marie Storozuk immigrated in 1898 from Chorostkow, Poland, to the Mink Creek District.

Leon attended school at Mink Creek and in 1912 at­ tended the Holy Ghost Parish in Winnipeg for a term. As a young lad, he worked on his parents' farm until 1925,


when he worked in the mines in the Sudbury, Ontario, area and then moved to Detroit where he was employed at the Ford Motor Plant.

On May 18, 1927, Leon married Sophie, daughter of Walter and Catherine Juchno of Detroit. They moved to Canada briefly in 1928 but returned to Detroit and Leon continued working until the crash of '29' closed the factories. They packed their belongings into a Model A and drove back to the family farm in 1932. He worked with his uncle Peter Storozuk's steam-powered threshing outfit as a fireman.

In 1936, they rented a farm in the Demery School District S. 1/2 34-29-22W. Here they operated a horse­ powered farm till 1945. Leon also ran a custom wood­ sawing and grain crushing outfit powered with rebuilt Ford motors.

During their years on the farm, Leon and Sophie had a circle of friendly neighbors and social gatherings in the different homes were common. Occasionally music would be provided by a fiddle and cymballa for dancing, at which Leon often took a turn on the fiddle. They were members of the Roman Catholic mission church.

In the fall of 1945, they had an auction sale, disposing of their farming equipment and bought the Royal Cafe at 1st Street in Dauphin. A meal of soup, pork sausages, trimmings and dessert sold for 30 cents: coffee was 5 cents extra.

On April 12, 1947, they purchased the Quality Store at Erickson from John Kokorudz. Henry went on to run it while the rest of the family operated the Cafe until it was sold in the fall. Henry became partners with Leon and the store was renovated in 1955, with George Bergman as carpenter, and extended in 1957 and again in 1962 with Arthur Koping and Einar Lundman as carpenters.

Leon served as Councillor of Village of Erickson, is a member of the Erickson Lions Club, and Parkland Knights of Columbus. Sophie has always been active with the Ladies Group of the St. Jude's Church.

Leon and Sophie retired in 1968, and sold their interest in the store to Henry and Helen. They bought the Han Theatre in Erickson for the attached living quarters in 1968. In September, 1975, they moved to Suite 12 in

The Leon Oshust Family. Edward, Leon, Sophie, Betty and Henry.