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from Dominion City in 1928 and opened a cafe on Main Street called the Dominion Cafe. D.Y. Billy made many friends over the years that he so faithfully served the public. The Dominion Cafe was under several managers until 1949 when Alex and Martha Zachedniak rented the premises from Pat Carr and opened business that same year, the beginning of Alex's Cafe.

Alex and Martha bought the property in 1953, demolished the old building and erected a new one. The foreman on this construction was George Bergman and the grand opening of the new Alex's Cafe was in December, 1953. Mayor Jack Cutter cut the ribbon. The Zachedniak's served the public for thirty-two years and then sold to Andy and Kathy Twerdochlib. The new owners renovated the interior and a family restaurant was opened March of 1982 with a new name, Andy's Cafe.

Mrs. Eureka Neupert opened a cafe on Main Street in the early 30's. With the friendly atmosphere and Mrs. Neuport's kindly way the "Whoopee Lunch" was soon a gathering place for the young people after a night of skating on the Leda Lake or tobogganing on the Island hill. The piano in the dining room was a big attraction. Mrs. Neupert and her family ran the cafe until the beginning of the war when they moved to Winnipeg. The building was used by the Women's War Workers Society to serve lunches on Saturday afternoon for the duration of the war.

Wally and Edith Townley built a bakery and coffee shop in 1948. When Wally went out of the bakery business, he converted it into a restaurant and as the licenced restaurants came into being, they built on the Mallard Room. Wally's has changed hands several times with Mike and Mary Skatch being the last to operate a restaurant there. At this point in time the building is vacant.

Louis and Frances Penonzek, who owned and operated the Commercial Hotel, demolished the original building and rebuilt with a restaurant in conjunction with the beverage room. The name of these premises has changed to the Nordic Inn.

The Gold Nugget restaurant and Garage was built, owned and operated by Otto and Lillian Neilson. The Nugget is situated east of the town limits, adjacent to No. 10 highway. Full course meals were served. Otto sold to Eric Corn borough and they continued to operate the restaurant for a few years eventually changing it over to a convenience store with a coffee bar. In 1977, Eric and Margaret Cornborough sold the business to John and Paula Braschuk who continue to operate the coffee bar.

Paul and Kay Kotyk, owners and operators of the Gateway Esso also had a coffee shop on their premises, where sandwiches and sweets could be purchased. The Beatty's, Bob and Annette are the new owners and continue to operate the coffee shop.

The changes that have taken place over the years are many, from coal-oil to gas lamps to electric lighting, from wood stoves to electric grills to microwave ovens. The residents of Erickson and the R.M. of Clanwilliam can be proud that they offer good wholesome meals and hospitably serve those who wish to partake.



Commercial Hotel on Main Street being demolished.


1st Wickstrom Store on Main Street. Left to Right: Mannie, Mabel and Gerda Ramgren, Anna and Erick Wickstrom.

Hartvig Hanson's Blacksmith Shop and John Skoglund's Harness Shop.