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by Harold Pederson

Hans Pederson was born in Norway in 1871. He worked as a sailor for a number of years before coming to Canada in 1901. Hans' son, Harold, was born in Norway the same year. Hans' wife had remained in Norway and never did come to Canada.

Hans Pederson's parents brought their grandson, Harold, to Canada in 1907 to Hans' homestead near Erickson. They remained on the homestead until Hans' mother died in 1915. Hans' father then returned to Norway leaving Harold with his father.

Hans' mother was laid to rest in the cemetery at Bethel Lutheran Church.

Hans spent his last years in the Sandy Lake Nursing Home. He died in 1962 in the Erickson Hospital at the age of 92. He is also buried in the Bethel Lutheran Cemetery.

Ludwig B. Gusdal purchased Hans' farm for his son, Leonard, who still owns it.

Hans and Harold Pederson.


Martin married Annie, nee Anderson. They came to the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam. They had seven children:

William Henry, born on January 14, 1891.

Ada Amalia, born in 1893 and she married Henry Robertson.

Annie Margaret, born on July 8, 1904.

Bertha, born on September 2, 1905 and died on January 26, 1920.

Karen Christine, born on August 28, 1898 and died on October 4, 1918.

Hanna Gosina, born on September 10, 1900. Edith Marion, died on January 8, 1910.



by Bertha Syslak

Rasmus, his wife and two children immigrated to Canada from Norway. They settled on N.W. 25-17-18W in the Hilltop district. He applied for patent on July 7, 1887, and received the homestead title on December 17, 1890. The homestead was sold to a neighbor Ivar Ullberg. Rasmus and family moved to the Crocus District, then in the R.M. of Clanwilliam W 112 35-16-18W, where they remained until Rasmus sold to F.W. Wilman. He then purchased N.E. 9-16-18W of the same district of which was referred to as "Pedersen Hill."

Rasmus' trade before coming to Canada was a Sea Captain. A little story or chuckle has been passed down through the years. A neighbor asked Rasmus if he thought he knew how to plow a field in order to sow the grain. Back came the reply, "I guess I can plow, I have plowed many a sea." Rasmus lost his wife in 1900, she was laid to rest in the All Saints Cemetery in the Lakelet district. The Pedersen Hill farm was sold to his son Marius in 1903. Rasmus returned to Norway. A step son and son Marius remained in Canada. (refer to Pedersen, Marius and Bertha).


by Bertha Syslak

Marius married Bertha Hay in 1897. Bertha's parents, homesteaded on S.W. 36-16-18W. Marius and Bertha purchased, the Pedersen Hill farm N.E. 9-16-18W from his father Rasmus in 1903. In 1908, they purchased the Spere home at Clan william, Manitoba.

In 1900, Marius served on the R.M. of Clanwilliam Council and later when the Ward was changed to the R.M. of Minto, he served as Reeve from 1927-1937. For a number of years he operated the Western Canadian Grain Elevator. In the years around 1917-18, he built a garage known as "Pedersen's Garage" in Clanwilliam, Manitoba, where a lighting plant was installed servicing several homes, garages, stores, Curling Rink etc. Every night at 11 :00 p.m. the power was shut off and anyone up after that, had to bring out their coil oil lamps.

Marius passed away in 1950. Bertha passed away October 18, 1955, and they are buried in the Clanwilliam Cemetery. Eight children blessed the Pedersen home.

Jessie Evaline, born January 16, 1898, married Wm.

Malcolm Hutton. (refer to Hutton, Wm. Malcolm and Jessie).

Francis Arthur, born November 17, 1899. Frank married Maud Hutton, born March 28, 1902. Frank passed away March 24, 1956, and Maud passed away April 17, 1961. They are both laid to rest in the Clan­ william Cemetery. They had four children.

Myers, born September 12, 1923, married Ruth Watson, born February 19, 1930. Myers and Ruth have two children. Keith, born July 25, 1953. Keith married Colleen Johnson of Minnedosa. They have two girls, Kelly, born July 2, 1975, and Carrie, born June 9, 1977. Myer 's and Ruth's second child was a daughter, Kim, born June 30, 1956.