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Glen, born June 19, 1927, married Lillian Rudneski and they have a son Rodney, born September 16, 1960.

Leona, born February 13, 1932, married Gene Woroschuk. They reside at Edmonton, Alberta.

Gene, born December 22, 1934, married Vera Palanko of Inglis, Manitoba. They have a son, Barry, born September 1954. Gene and Vera have divorced. Gene married Betty Salamon, and they have two sons, Bradly and Brian.

Nellie May, born March 7, 1901, married Christopher Robertson. They purchased a home at Kingston, On­ tario, after Christopher's discharge from the army. They had two sons, Donald, and Bryan. Nellie passed away February 1,1974, and Chris has since passed away.

Florence Jean, born June 7, 1903, married Wilfred Magnell in 1932. Florence and infant Son were laid to rest in the Clan william Cemetery on February 17, 1936.

Etta Marie, born September 4, 1905, married Sydney Saunders in 1940. They reside at Westbank, B.C.

Walter Carl, born June 31, 1907. He taught school until joining the R.C.A.F. in the second World War. Walter was killed in action in 1942.

Vera Margaret, born March 16, 1910, and was laid to rest one year later, on April 21 , 1911.

Harold William, born May 11, 1912, married Olive Johnson in 1936. A son Walter, born May 19, 1938.

Walter, married Maureen Butterworth in 1961. They have three children.

Hal, born May 23, 1966, Tannis, born March 17,1968, and Sandra, born August 29, 1973.

Harold and Olive divorced. In 1944, Harold married Nellie May Turner of Neepawa, born May 7, 1924. They have three children:

Florence Gayle, born August 3, 1950, married Weldon

Bertha and Marius Pedersen.

Holmstrom of Minnedosa. They have three children, Cari, born October 4, 1970, Rodney, born November 25, 1972, Sheri, born June 8, 1974.

Garnet Wayne, born September 17, 1953.

Brian William, born February 23, 1958, married Lorrie Walker of Neepawa. They have two children, Ryan, born July 1978, Christa, born May 1980.

Marius and Myers Pedersen's Garage.


Harvey Allen Pengelly was born in Edmonton, Alberta on November 6, 1949. He was raised in Guelph, Ontario where he completed his primary, secondary and university education graduating in 1972 with a B.S.C. (Agr.) with a major in Fisheries and Wildlife biology.

Carol Anne McGhie was born in Calgary, Alberta, on September 6, 1952. She received her primary and secondary education in Calgary and graduated from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, in 1973 with a B.S.C. (Pharmacy).

They were married July 30, 1977, in the Minnedosa United Church, Minnedosa, Manitoba. On May 17, 1981, our first child, Ryan David was born. Our second child is expected July, 1983.

We came to the Erickson area in 1976 to settle our farm N 112 33-17-17W which was purchased from Herb Block in 1974. We enjoyed the natural beauty of the area and looked forward to a change from our city lifestyles. Our first residence was the old ice house which proved to live up to its name. During the two winters spent in this house, we frequently awoke to frost on the quilt and frozen water in the wash basin. Everything was a new experience - heating with wood, hauling water, using an outdoor privy. Our first years on the farm were spent dismantling, moving and reconstructing a log house which once sat at Hilltop. The house, originally built by Franz Hill in 1891, was purchased from John Purvis (for pictures see Purvis history). Many interesting elements of history were found within the house such as an 1898 Swedish newspaper plus Eatons' catalogues lining the