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Hilltop district. They lived on the old homestead on N.W. 14-17-18W and farmed for many years.

In 1935, they purchased S.E. 16-17-18W from brother Nils and then moved there. All went well until tragedy struck in March of 1945. Their daughter Elvera and their son Lloyd died within two weeks of each other.

Knut and Esther were active in all community affairs, Esther was a member of the Westmount Community Club and did a lot of Red Cross Work.

Knut was one of the Westmount men who worked hard to organize a Co-op Store in Erickson; also a pool elevator member. In 1956, they sold their farm and moved to Haney, B.C., where they enjoyed a few years' retirement. Knut passed away in 1965 and Esther in 1967. They had four children.

Gunnar was born on November 26, 1920, and he at­ tended school at Hilltop. He stayed home and helped his father with the farm work. He won the grand aggregate award in Junior judging competition at the Manitoba Winter Fair at Brandon. He left Westmount in 1956 with his parents, he did come back to Erickson for three years, but returned to B.C. He works in the Whonnock Mill where he resides.

Elvera, was born on March 1, 1925, and received her education at Hilltop School, she worked at home at various jobs. Elvera passed away March 16, 1945, and is buried at the Municipal Cemetery in Erickson.

Lloyd was born at Erickson in 1930. He received his education at Westmount School. On March 4, 1945, he passed away, and is buried in the Erickson Municipal Cemetery.

Earl, was born in 1932 at Erickson, he received his education at Westmount School, and he helped on the home farm. He moved to Haney, B.C. in 1956 with his parents. He worked at a greenhouse, worked also at the sawmill. Earl married Dorothy Blaser of Haney, B.C. and she works at a bank in Haney. Earl is at the Whonnock sawmill. They have two daughters. Barbara, married to Joe Daigle and they have two sons. Linda married Mark Daigle, and they have one child.


Nils was the son of Par and Matilda Anderson. Nils had his name changed from Persson to Peterson. He was born on September 1, 1881, in Swanvik Vastergotland, Sweden, and worked with his father, who was a shoemaker, and made shoes for the army with hand tools. Nils became an accomplished shoemaker, but did not continue in this trade. He was a beverage dispenser at a hotel where Adele also worked. Nils was in charge of the wine cellar, became very knowledgeable in wines, whiskeys etc. used in the early days.

He immigrated to Canada in 1901. His brother Charlie was already in Canada and had homesteaded N. W. 14- 17-18W. He stayed there and they cut cordwood all winter and hauled to Minnedosa.

In 1905, Nils and Charlie made a return trip to their homeland, Sweden. When they returned, accompanying them were their parents, brother Knut and Adele Thor,

Nils' fiancee. The parents lived with Charlie for some time. Charlie passed away in 1917, Matilda in 1919, and Par in 1917. They are buried at Scandinavia cemetery.

In 1906, Nils married Adele Thor and bought S.E. 16- 17-18W and moved to their new home.

Nils was one of the Westmount men who organized and worked very hard to get a Co-op store in Erickson. He was a charter member of the Co-op Store, also a director on The Erickson Farmers Cooperative Elevator, which later became the Pool Elevator. They were active in community affairs.

Nils' nephew Andrew Skoglund came to live with them at a very early age. He received his education at West­ mount and Erickson schools. He attended Agriculture College in Winnipeg and finished as a Professor of Agrobiology. His work took him to various places in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Andrew married Dorothy Wheterall and they have three daughters; Marjorie, Adele and Andrea.

Nils and Adele farmed till 1935, when he retired and sold his farm to his brother Knut. They continued to live there for some years. Adele passed away in 1937. Nils was killed in a car mishap on March 29, 1963. They are buried at Scandinavia cemetery.

Nils and Adele Peterson.