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in 1947 and we have three children: Penny Lou married Ian Menzies and is a music teacher and farmer's wife in Foxwarren. They have a son Karl Patrick. Melva Lyn married Harold Doran and is a school teacher and farmer's wife at Isabella. They have a daughter, Bronwen Emma. Our son, Daryl, farms at home.

My brother Norman, farmed our father's farm at Erickson for a year before enlisting in the Army. After the war he received his B.Sc. degree from the University of Manitoba and now heads his own company known as Peterson Manufacturing, with headquarters in Erickson. Following father's death, the farm at Erickson passed into Norman's hands.

The only other members of my father's family to immigrate to Canada were his half-brother, Konrad Amundsen, and a nephew, Herold Pettersen. They stayed with us at Erickson for a time before settling in B.C.

For many years going to Erickson was "going home" and each summer we spent our holidays with relatives there. We still retain firm ties with Erickson as both parents are buried at Danvers Cemetery, mother in 1974 and father in 1979. It was in this area that their lives in Canada began and it is fitting that it is now their final home.

Peter P.K. Peterson Family. Left to Right: Florence, Peter, Annie, Norman.Sea~d:Afinn~.


by Afike

Mike was born in Erickson, September 12, 1912, third child of Frank and Antonia Podruski of S.W. 3-1S-19W in the Rural Municipality of Harrison. He attended Round Lake school and then worked on the family farm.

In 1940, he began driving a truck for the Erickson Transfer, first for John Wickdahl, then Ernie and Philip Gusdal and later for Albin Gustafson. Mike drove a Transport truck across Canada for a year and then returned to the family farm.

In 1952, he and his parents moved and farmed in the Basswood area until 1965, when they sold the farm and purchased a home in Minnedosa.

Mike's parents resided with him until their demise, Frank in 1969, and Antonia in 1972.

Over the years Mike enjoyed the game of curling, retiring from the sport in 1971.

Mike Podruski

On December 11, 1976, he married Adeline Scheer of Beausejour, Manitoba, and they continue to reside at Minnedosa. Adeline is a seamstress and does adjustments for some of the local clothing stores.

Mike has a very interesting and rewarding hobby, that of restoring old engines, assisted by Warren Best. He has restored a 1915 Case gas tractor which occupies a place of beauty and interest at the Austin Museum.

At the 1976 reunion Mike was particularly proud as he drove his small 1915 Case 10-IS gasoline tractor and was very happy to bring home a beautiful trophy for the best dressed gasoline unit. The trophy was presented by Canadian Park and Telford Distilleries. This was the first year he had entered and had spent whatever time he could afford during the two previous years restoring the tractor, which represented about 1,000 hours of labor, a labor of love. In 1977 he won the Best Kept Traction Engine in company colors presented by Manitoba Threshermans' Reunion and Stampede, and also won the Jubilee Cup for Best Kept Engine in Company Colors donated by the McGregor Herald at the 25th Jubilee of the Austin Museum. In Manitoba Centennial year - 1970, Mike received recognition from then Premier Edward Schreyer, a silver medallion engraved, "All Manitobans Honour You". He has participated in many local Festival parades winning first place in five different years.

Mike has spent many Sundays in the past steaming up