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the old engines, entertaining many people, young and old, who have come to watch. He has three very old threshing machines in running order which are kept under cover to prevent deterioration. At present Mike keeps himself busy working on a 1925 12-20 Case Machine to get it in working order.


by the Family

Nicholas and Francis immigrated from Poland at the turn of the century. They purchased and resided on a homestead S. W. 3-18-19W in the Harrison Municipality for over forty years. Nicholas and Francis retired to Erickson and have since passed away.

Their five children are:

Mary, married Steve Babijowski. (refer to Babijowski, Steve and Mary).

John, served for five years during the Second World War and upon his return he married Katherine Zatylny, daughter of Ludwig and Agnes Zatylny. They resided at Regina, Saskatchewan, where John was employed as a Butter Maker and Fourth Class Engineer for five years. The family moved to Erickson and again John was employed in the same line of employment at the Erickson Creamery. John passed away November 26, 1969, and Katherine continues to reside in Erickson. They had five children; Joyce, Thomas and Kenneth were born at Regina, Saskatchewan. Karen and Patricia were born at Erickson where they all attended school. Joyce, born May 27, 1948, married Harley Boyd and they and their two children, Leah Joyce and David John reside at Clanwilliam. Thomas, born October 31, 1950, resides in Erickson and is presently employed at the Riding Mountain National Park.

Kenneth, born December 19, 1951, married Edna Grochmal on May 20, 1972, daughter of John and Edith Grochmal of the Rural Municipality of Harrison. They reside in Erickson where Kenneth is the Village Foreman. Their two children, Scott Kenneth born May 8, 1976, at Erickson and Jodi Lynn born June 19, 1978 at Erickson, where they attend school.

Karen, born November 15, 1952, works and resides in Winnipeg. Patricia, born October 16, 1953, married Wayne King and have two children, Corina Nicole and Angela Yvette. The family reside at Douglas, Manitoba.

Thomas served during the Second World War and was killed at Rouen, France, in 1944.

Bernice, resides in Winnipeg. Louis, resides in Brandon.


by Jennie Melnyk

Mr. Paul Podruski was born in Chomiakowka, Poland in 1893. He maried Frances Koculym who was born March 13, 1894. The marriage took place in 1916 in Chomiakowka, Poland. In June, 1917, daughter Mary was born. In 1919, daughter Tennie was born and to this


day resides in Poland.

In 1926, Paul immigrated to Canada on the S.S. HeIlig Olav from Copenhagen, Denmark. On July 2, 1926, he arrived in the Erickson district. For the next 20 years, he worked in neighbouring towns as well as for some far­ mers in Erickson.

In 1948, he started working for the Brandon Woolen Mills and continued to do so until 1957. Frances, his wife remained in Poland all these years. Then in 1957, Paul started immigration proceedings to bring his wife to Canada and took up employment at C.F.B. Shilo. Frances left Poland 25th June, 1958 and arrived in Canada at Ottawa June 27, 1958.

Paul died June 16, 1958, less than two weeks before his wife arrived in Erickson. Frances remained with her daughter Mary and husband Mike Melnyk till her death November 3,1965. (refer to Melnyk, Mike and Mary).

Paul and Frances Podruski.


Robert James was born in 1904 at Clanwilliam, Manitoba. In 1922, he married Jennie Armstrong of Hilltop, Manitoba. They lived in Clanwilliam, later moving to N.E. 9-18-18W in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam and farmed for some years.

Jennie passed away in October, 1944. Robert also farmed in the Clear Lake district until wartime.

He remarried and they moved to Winnipeg where he was employed at the Cordite Factory, later managing a mink farm for ten years, also managing Niakwa Trailer Court from 1959 to 1961.

He passed away at the Eastview Lodge at Neepawa, Manitoba, on June 12, 1983.

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