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by Katherine Pollan

The Pollon family as it is known today, can trace its modern history back to the year 1847. Simon Pollon was born at Land's End, England. The family emigrated to Canada in 1850 and settled at Hillside, near Barrie. Simon was raised and educated at Hillside. He was married first to Matilda Davis, who died in childbirth leaving him with a son William. Simon remarried to Isabella Proven, a direct descendant to the Provens in Clanwilliam and Basswood. Three children were born to them, Elizabeth, 1871; George, 1875; and Jack, 1878. Toward the end of the 1870's Simon decided to take a homestead on the prairies. They arrived at Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 24, 1879 and left there for Winnipeg by steamboat arriving on July 1st, 1879.

The Simon Pollan Family. Back Row: Elizabeth, George, Jack. Front Row: Isabella, Joseph on her knee, Sarah, Thomas, Albert, Simon Sr. and Arthur.

Simon left his family in a boardinghouse in Winnipeg and walked the long miles to Clan william to take a homestead. He then returned to Winnipeg and brought the family out by ox-cart. A log house was built on the land one mile south and a mile west of the present village of Clanwilliam. The family soon outgrew this home and a larger two-storey house was constructed. The east half of 2-16-18 remains in the family today and the rest of Simon's children were born there. Sarah, 1881; Thomas, 1883; Albert, 1886; Joseph, 1889; Simon, 1892; Arthur, 1895; Andrew, 1897 (refer to Andrew and Lillian Pollon).

Today, third generation members of this large family live in every province from Ontario to B.C. At this writing three of the original children of Simon and Isabella are still living, they are; Simon, Arthur and Albert (Dick). July 1, 1979, saw the 100th anniversary of the Pollon's arrival in Manitoba. This was celebrated on that day with a reunion of the Pollons and Reids as well

as other associated families. A new member of the Pollon family was born on that day, his name is Colin, youngest son of Larry and Marlene Pollon. They reside on the S.E. 2-16-17.


by Katherine Pollan

Andrew Pollon was the youngest son of Simon and Isabella. He was born October 14, 1897, attended school at Clanwilliam school situated two miles south of the Village of Clanwilliam. He took over the farming business from his father whose health was severely hampered by arthritis, his father however, pursued his love of local politics and served the district as councillor and reeve for some thirty seven years. In the year 1920, with the passing of Sim's wife Isabella in March, Andrew married Lillian Douglas on October 27, 1920. She was related to other pioneer families in the district namely the McFarianes, McPhersons and McKenzies. In the same home where Andrew was born, Lillian gave birth to three children; Clarence, 1921, Raymond, 1926 and Gordon, 1930. During this time Simon Pollon's health declined and he died of a stroke in April, 1926.

During the depression years, Andrew and Lillian Pollon and their three sons moved north to a half section of land which they had bought in the Bethel post office district, south of Riding Mountain National Park. During the war their son Raymond joined the R.C.A.F. and was killed in a training accident over England in May, 1944 and is buried in the Commonwealth Services Cemetery in Harrowgate, Yorkshire. In the year 1947, Andrew and Lillian and Gordon moved back to the village of Clan william and started a grain and gravel hauling business.

Clarence was married in 1942 to Madeline Bercier and they have two children, Gerald and Kenneth. They reside in Winnipeg.

Lillian, in her 90th year resides in her own home alone, her husband Andrew passed away in July, 1981, at the age of 83.

The Andrew Pollan Family. Left to Right: Gordon, Andrew, Clarence and Lillian.