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The Axel Ramgren Family. Top, Left to Right: Carl, Alex Sr., Anna, Emmanuel. Centre: Axel Jr., Olga, Annie, Albert. Front: Conrad, Fred and Beda.

patent for his farm in 1898.

In 1895, my mother Annie Josephine was born and over the next few years three more boys were born, Carl Alfred in 1898, twins Fredrick Ferdinand and Francis Conrad May 24, 1899. By this time their 16 x 1810g house was getting too small for their large family, the second house was built mid-way between the first house and the barn further down the hill.

The family prospered and grew quickly, work was the order of the day. The older girls looking after the younger children and helping Grandmother. The boys, I suppose, helping with the chores and clearing of the land. They dug limestones, dug a pit and burnt limestone for the lime for which there was a favorable market.

In 1894, Axel, Albert and Beda started school in Scandinavia with Duncan Matheson as teacher. Em­ manual started later that same year. Old pictures tell us that the remaining siblings, as they became school age, attended Hilltop school. The Ramgren children were

exposed to a limited education. We must appreciate the fact that these younger boys and girls, along with lear­ ning a new language and culture, also had to contribute an immense amount of their time to the survival of their family unit. As the family grew, they each in turn left home, to go their own way to find employment and to carve out a place in society for themselves. These same young people never forgetting to return home bearing gifts, treasures never to be forgotten for the grandparents and younger children.

Grandfather and Grandmother remained on their original farm under the gentle and loving care of their youngest son Conrad and daughter-in-law Carrie until their demise. After their many years of joy, toil and tears they were laid to rest in the Scandinavia Cemetery not far from their first temporary home in "New Sweden". Axel August passed away December 7, 1925. Anna Brilta passed away January 16, 1928.

Axel and Anna had nine children;