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Verna married Mike Hryhoushyn in 1965. They have two children - Michael David Jr., born April 1, 1966 and Angela Denise, born March 1, 1968. Verna, Mike and family are living in Calgary where Mike works for the City of Calgary, Tax Assessment Department and Verna is employed with Lennox.

Evangeline married Gerald LeJan in 1970. They are presently residing in Winnipeg, where Evangeline works for the provincial government and Gerald for the Royal Bank of Canada.

Theodore married Constance Rempel in 1978. They have two daughters - Kristy Michelle, born March 8, 1981 and Stacey Lee Gail, born May 25, 1982. Ted is currently employed with the Department of Highways, Mechanical Division and they reside in Winnipeg.

Anne Rebenchuk is semi-retired, living in Winnipeg, enjoying her grandchildren.


Jack married Sarah Pollon and they lived on S.W. 7- 17 -18W. Jack served in the First World War and after he returned from overseas, they moved to Clear Lake. Their family was Gladys, Annie, Nigel, Elsie, Jack, Mamie, Simon, Allan and Raymond.

Jack's brother, William, homesteaded on N.W. 18-17- 18W on December 5, 1898, and received title on Sep­ tember 4, 1902. Their brother, Bob, applied on S. W. 18- 17-18W on November 30,1898 and on October 30,1902, received title. Bob and William lived in Erickson, later moving to Clear Lake.


by Anna

In April 1973, Doug, Anna, daughter Rachelle, and son Bruce moved from Brandon to Onanole, where they had purchased the Southgate Motor Hotel from Fred and Lil Hykaway.

In the fall of 1978, Doug and Anna purchased 80 acres of S.W. 33-18-18W from Don Gustafson. In 1908, this land was owned by the Canadian Northern Railways. Doug and Anna had the old buildings except the barn torn down. A large spruce log home was erected with a total of 5,600 sq. feet of floor space including a full size basement. The home has four bathrooms, four fireplaces, a whirlpool and a waterfall and also a beautiful view of a small lake and country side.

In the fall of 1979, Doug and Anna sold the Hotel and in July, 1981, the acreage and home were sold. The Rekken family then moved to Grimshaw, Alberta, where Doug was employed as a Commercial Pilot. In January, 1983, they purchased and operated the Starlite Motor Inn at Osoyoos, B.C. While in the Rural Municipality of Clanwilliam, Doug and Anna were Charter Members of the Erickson Flying Club.

The Doug Rekken Family. Left to Right: Doug, Rochette, Bruce and Anna.

In 1976, Anna was one of the first ladies of the Erickson Flying Club to obtain her Private Pilot's Licence, which she received at Dauphin Flying School.


by Doug Renton

In 1929, Jock and Margaret and children Sydney, Douglas and Doreen left Scotland, sailing on the Duchess of Athall, a CPR Ship and landed at Quebec City. From there, they travelled by Colonist train to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and later to Minnedosa. The family resided on a farm owned by Hugh Cameron.

The following summer, they moved to S.W. 27-18- 18W, a half mile north of the old Bethel Store. Syd and Doug attended school at Tales. Their neighbors, the Millers, had two daughters, Mary and Irene, which took the same route and then met up with Ettie and Doris Gronback. The boys remember some of the children, Harriet, Emma and Walter Carlson, Martha and Lenore Gusdal, Edith Anderson, the Stone Boys, Wettelands,

Syd Renton